The Wings of Light, part 8

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351. When I love

When I love my physical life
My life is full of futile days.

When I love my vital life
My life is full of damaging days.

When I love my mental life
My life is full of empty days.

When I love my psychic life
My life is full of fertile days.

When I love my God-life
My life is full of service-days.

352. He discovered, he revealed, he manifested

He discovered God the Silence
In a tiny mountain cave.

He revealed God the Sound
In the battlefield of life.

He manifested God the Peace
In the emptiness of the Universal Heart.

353. I have, I am, I shall remain

The blue-vast body of Light
I have.
The gold-bright body of Delight
I am.
The white-pure body of Perfection
I shall always remain.

354. I can't even

My heart-sea is very vast;
I can’t even feel it.
My mind-sky is very high;
I can’t even see it.
My vital-fort is very strong;
I can’t even escape it.
My body-tiger is very fierce;
I can’t even tame it.

355. The swords

The sword of wisdom cautions.
The sword of aspiration protects.
The sword of life teaches.
The sword of love perfects, illumines and fulfils.

356. What is?

What is body
If not a soulless sleeping?

What is vital
If not a senseless craving?

What is mind
If not a useless suspecting?

What is heart
If not a constant surrendering?

What is soul
If not a compassionate compromising?

357. My four paths

My body crawls
Along my lightless path.
My vital stumbles
Along my shadowy path.
My mind trembles
Along my frightening path.
My heart runs
Along my sunlit path.

358. Please address

My sweet Lord,
Please address my inner eye.
I shall immediately awake.

My sweet Lord,
Please address my inner ear.
I shall immediately respond.

My sweet Lord,
Please address my inner mind.
I shall immediately receive.

My sweet Lord,
Please address my inner heart.
I shall immediately achieve.

My sweet Lord,
Please address my inner life.
I shall immediately surrender.

359. How can I have it?

A world of diamond silence:
Where is it?
A world of golden sound:
What is it?
A world of silver bliss:
How far is it?
A world of copper peace:
Alas, how can I have it?

360. He is happy, he is unhappy

He is happy
His soul knows no stranger,
His heart knows no foreigner.

He is unhappy
His mind knows no lover,
His vital knows no transformer,
His body knows no awakener.

361. His surrendered life

His surrendered body
Was light within light.

His surrendered mind
Was peace within peace.

His surrendered vital
Was power within power.

His surrendered heart
Was delight within delight.

362. What is there?

What is there to see?
God’s Form.

What is there to feel?
God’s Love.

What is there to love?
God’s Silence.

What is there to become?
God’s Compassion.

363. Floods of divinity

Peace floods the mind.
Love floods the heart.
Life floods the vital.
Light floods the body.
Consciousness floods the soul.
Surrender floods the Goal.

364. I become by surrendering

I see by thinking,
I think by feeling,
I feel by living,
I live by loving,
I love by becoming,
I become by surrendering.

365. The home of universal love

His mind
Is the secret home of sound.

His heart
Is the sacred home of silence.

His soul
Is the blue-vast home of God.

His God
Is the home of universal Love.

366. A feeble cry, a sweet smile

A little ripple
Wakes the sea.

A tiny thought
Shakes the world.

A feeble cry
Brings the Supreme.

A sweet smile
Fulfils the Supreme.

367. The highest God

Truth is a higher life.
Thought is a weaker world.
Doubt is a lower joy.
Faith is a brighter day.
Love is not only
A higher God,
But the highest God.

368. Yet God loves him

He sighs before he prays.
He cries before he concentrates.
He sleeps before he meditates.
He fights before he aspires.
God loves him,
Because he eventually
Does the right thing.

369. Because

I have something to give,
I live.

I love the whole world,
I am.

God and I fulfil each other,
We grow.

370. Upward, always upward

My body endlessly sleeps.
My vital spreads
Its aggression in all directions.
My mind spreads
Its suspicion in four directions.
My heart spreads
Its insecurity
Only in one direction -
Upward, always

371. Concealed, revealed, fulfilled

There was a time
Three hundred years ago
When his finite life
Concealed Infinity’s Home.

There was a time
Thirty years ago
When his finite life
Revealed Infinity’s Palace.

There was a time
Three years ago
When his finite life
Fulfilled Infinity’s Kingdom.

372. I satisfy God

I embrace the world
To find myself.

I find myself
To satisfy God.

I satisfy God
That is the only thing
I understand intimately
And do satisfactorily.

373. I say what I have to say!

Either believe
Don’t believe,
I say what I have to say!
I am who I was:
I was who I am:

374. By far the best

We are surprisingly many.
That is good.
We are unquestionably more.
That is better.
We are divinely most.
That is excellent.
We are supremely one.
That is by far the best.

375. My first choice

Believing, not seeing:
My fourth choice.

Feeling, not thinking:
My third choice.

Loving, not expecting:
My second choice.

Being, not becoming:
My first choice.

376. He devours two things

His heart devours only one thing:
Sunlit Delight.
His mind devours only one thing:
Sunlit Silence.
His vital devours only one thing:
Sunlit Power.
His body devours only one thing:
Sunlit Compassion.
But he devours two things:
God’s Height
God’s Depth.

377. You will fly

Push not yourself beyond yourself;
You will sigh.
Pull not yourself beyond yourself;
You will cry.
Live not yourself beyond yourself;
You will die.

Love yourself beyond yourself
In your Beloved Supreme;
You will fly.

378. Sometimes I think

I think I am great.
I dare to govern others.

I think I am good.
I dare to love others.

I think I am God’s.
I dare to claim all
As my own,
My very own.

379. Without knowing why

We say something
Without knowing why.

We do something
Without knowing why.

We become something
Without knowing why.

We never love Truth
Without knowing why.

380. Together live, together dance

A happy man and good things
Together run.

An unhappy man and bad things
Together sink.

An aspiring man and fulfilling experience
Together live.

A God-man and fulfilled Realisation
Together dance.

381. My beginning, my end, my middle

My beginning was my end
When I thought
That I could do everything all alone.

My end was my beginning
When I felt
God’s Grace act in and through me.

My middle was fulfilling
When I realised
That my limbs were made of
God’s Compassion-Light.

382. Ah, there

Ah, where is my Dream-boat?
I hear its sinking sound.
Ah, where is my Dream-boat?
I feel its dying silence.

Ah, there is my Reality-shore.
I see its flying banner.
Ah, there is my Reality-shore.
I drink its nectar-love.

383. To you I offer time

O my body
To you I offer Time the forgiver.

O my vital
To you I offer Time the transformer.

O my mind
To you I offer Time the silencer.

O my heart
To you I offer Time the lover.

O my soul
To you I offer Time the preserver.

384. For your sake

O Lord,
For Your sake
I am doing the right thing.

For Your sake
I am loving everything and everyone.

For Your sake
I am becoming the pride of
Heaven and earth.

I want nothing,
I need nothing
For myself
Either from Heaven-city
Or from earth-village.

385. Surprise dies

Love the earth-soul;
You will surprise the Heaven-goal.

Love the Heaven-soul;
You will surprise the earth-goal.

Love the life of God-perfection,
You will surprise the birthless and deathless bondage-man.

Love the birthless and deathless bondage-man;
You will surprise the life of God-perfection.

But when you love your surrender-light
To the world within and to the world without,
Surprise dies in the land of nowhere.

386. I lived, I live

I lived in the blue of Heaven
To sail my Dream-boat
Across the Sky-ocean.

I live in the green of earth
To sing the song of Love divine,
To play the game of Truth sublime,
On the giant heart of my Reality-shore.

387. His inspiration-light

His body shuns his inspiration-light.
His vital clasps his inspiration-light.
His mind welcomes his inspiration-light.
His heart feeds his inspiration-light.
His soul leads his inspiration-light.
His God is his inspiration-light.

388. Where are you?

O Lamb of God,
Where are You?
My eyes say You are not on earth,
My mind says You are not in Heaven.

O Lamb of God,
Where are you?
My heart is fed by Your Promise-light,
My soul is fulfilled by Your Perfection-height.

O Lamb of God,
Where are You?

389. He just completes himself

His ignorance-sea
Competes with the world-music.

His knowledge-sun
Competes with the world-philosophy.

His wisdom-light
Competes with the world-spirituality.

But he himself
Competes not with anything.
He just completes himself
In his surrender-drop
To the Ocean-will
Of the Transcendental Father.

390. I followed the path

I followed the path
Of self-assertion.
The world around despised me.

I followed the path
Of self-examination.
The world within admired
My bold attempt.

I followed the path
Of self-dedication.
The world within
And the world without
Had nothing for me
But lofty admiration.

391. The mercy

Life is the mercy of love.
Love is the mercy of surrender.
Surrender is the mercy of God’s Compassion.
God’s Compassion is the mercy of
His Silence-Soul
And His Sound-Body.

392. They offer

His body-temple offers
Purity’s smile.
His vital-temple offers
Agility’s smile.
His mind-temple offers
Sincerity’s smile.
His heart-temple offers
Humility’s smile.
His soul-temple offers
Luminosity’s smile.
And he himself offers
Perfection’s Smile.

393. Perfection immortal and supreme

Service is love
Visible and available.
Love is oneness
Inseparable and invincible.
Oneness is perfection
Immortal and supreme.

394. What is sacrifice?

Duty’s beauty
God alone admires.
Beauty’s purity
God alone admires.
Purity’s sacrifice
God alone admires.
And what is sacrifice?
When the right hand
Devotedly gives
And the left hand
Devotedly receives.

395. God's calendar: Monday

Sweetest Father, Lord Supreme,
What was wrong with You on Monday?
Why didn’t You come on Monday
To teach us, Your children,
At our cosmic school?
Did anything happen in the family?
Is everyone all right in Your family?
Has anything serious happened?

“No, nothing of the sort.
What actually happened on Monday was this:
I just over-ate My ignorance-food
On Sunday.
Therefore, I felt inexplicably sick.”

396. God's calendar: Tuesday

Sweetest Father, Lord Supreme,
What was wrong with You on Tuesday?

“On Monday night in Heaven
The cosmic gods and the hostile forces
Had a terrible fight.
Therefore, My immediate presence was demanded
By the cosmic gods.”

397. God's calendar: Wednesday

Sweetest Father, Lord Supreme,
What was wrong with You on Wednesday?

“On Tuesday night
Heaven and earth bitterly fought
Over their supremacy.
I had to become their arbitrator.
Neither Heaven nor earth
Was satisfied with My decision.
Therefore, they are exceedingly
Displeased with Me.
Now neither Heaven nor earth wants Me.
Friendless, sonless, daughterless,
I roamed in the world of nowhere.”

398. God's calendar: Thursday

Sweetest Father, Lord Supreme,
What was wrong with You on Thursday?

“On Thursday your sweetest Mother Divine,
Your dearest Mother Supreme,
Wanted to play with Her
Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Therefore, I had to do all the cooking
For our dearest and sweetest ones.”

399. God's calendar: Friday

Sweetest Father, Lord Supreme,
What was wrong with You on Friday?”

“On Friday Heaven tempted Me
With a much higher salary —
Love, devotion and surrender —
Infinitely more than I have been
Receiving from earth.
I was seriously considering
Whether I should accept
Such a lucrative offer.”

400. God's calendar: Saturday and Sunday

Sweetest Father, Lord Supreme,
What was wrong with You on Saturday?

“On Saturday
Mother Earth phoned Me
Early in the morning
And insulted Me ruthlessly.
She has come to learn of My secret plans,
And to My sorrow She has dispensed
With My job here on earth.

“Sweetest children, this is Sunday.
Today I have come to see you all
For the last time,
And to offer you
My Compassion-Sea, My Concern-Sky,
My Love-Moon and My Blessing-Sun.”