Wisdom-waves in New York, part 1

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I pray1

I pray. I pray because I am hungry. I have an inner hunger for my Lord's Compassion-Flood and Satisfaction-Sea.

My prayer is a two-way conversation between my heart's soulful cry and my Lord's blessingful Smile.

My prayer is at once my assurance and my confidence. I assure my body, my vital and my mind that they are of the Supreme and for the Supreme. I offer confidence to those who are sailing in the same boat and heading towards the selfsame destined Goal as I, and yet are wanting in confidence.

Each day I renew my prayer. That means that each day I intensify and strengthen my commitment to my Beloved Supreme. It is my commitment, my sole commitment, to please Him in His own Way constantly, unreservedly and unconditionally.

I pray to my Lord Supreme that I will be conscious that His Existence is constantly with me. I pray to my Lord Supreme that I will be constantly, consciously with Him. I feel that when He is with me, I am partially perfect, but when I am with Him, I am totally perfect.

My Lord Supreme, out of His infinite Bounty, has already chosen me to be His devoted and surrendered instrument. Now it is I who have to choose Him as my Eternity's only Pilot Supreme. It is I who have to make the supreme decision of choosing Him all the time on the strength of my inner cry. When I choose God unconditionally and when I remain with God constantly, at that time I am completely perfect.

My life is a combination of unanswered prayers and unoffered prayers. When my prayers are not fulfilled, I am not sad. At that time sorrow does not torture me, for I know that my unanswered prayers are blessings in disguise. It is my unoffered prayers that pain me constantly. My unoffered prayers take me far, farther farthest from God's Justice-Light and Compassion-Height, while my unanswered prayers are always helping me far beyond my imagination. The divine seeker and the divine lover in me teach my unconscious body, my uncontrolled vital and my unillumined mind that my unanswered prayers are blessings in disguise, for my Beloved Supreme knows what is best for me always.

My prayers are my Lord's Compassion-cultivation and my own satisfaction-harvest. I pray, I pray.

WNY 1. Columbia University, New York, NY — 10 February 1978

We pray and we meditate2

We pray and we meditate.

We pray for our protection. We meditate on God's Perfection.

We pray to become divinely great and supremely good. We meditate to realise who we eternally are.

We pray so that we can see the beauty and the divinity of the higher worlds. We meditate so that we can receive invitations from the inner worlds.

When we pray, our Father-Friend lovingly feeds us. When we meditate, we soulfully feed our Father-Friend.

When we pray, our pure hunger itself is our striking success. When we meditate, our sure satisfaction itself is our illumining progress.

Our soulful prayer makes us our Lord's choice instruments. Our fruitful meditation makes us our Lord's Vision-Voice.

Our heart's prayer-cry serves the divine in us. Our life's meditation-smile awakens and enlightens the human in us.

WNY 2. SUNY at Albany, Albany, NY — 4 March 1978, 2:00 p.m.

The desiring man, the aspiring man and the self-giving man3

The desiring man tells me that human life is full of difficulties. The aspiring man tells me that human life is full of opportunities. The self-giving man tells me that human life is God's constant Vision-Manifestation.

Each difficulty discourages and delays our success-life. Each opportunity encourages and expedites our progress-life. Each Vision-Manifestation of God helps us march faster toward our destined Goal.

Life is love, love is oneness, oneness is perfection and perfection is satisfaction.

Human life fails; divine life succeeds.

Human love binds; divine love liberates.

Human oneness is a rope of sand; divine oneness is at once birthless and deathless.

Human perfection disappears in the twinkling of an eye; divine perfection constantly transcends its own heights.

Human satisfaction is the fulfilment of our desire-life; divine satisfaction is the fulfilment of ourselves in and through the fulfilment of our Beloved Supreme.

Human satisfaction says, "My will must cover the length and breadth of the world." Divine satisfaction says, "Let Thy Will be done."

Human satisfaction is necessary as long as we care for the animal in us, the hungry wolf in us. Divine satisfaction is necessary only when we care for God for God's sake.

We start our journey with the desire-life. The desire-life helps to free us from the world of sloth, inertia and ignorance. Then we come to the aspiration-life. The aspiration-life helps us to reach higher goals, higher ideals and higher realisations. The self-giving life constantly makes us feel that we are of the One and for the One. Him to please in His own Way is our sole choice.

WNY 3. Union College and University Schenectady, NY — 4 March 1978, 7:00 p.m.


Liberation is the freedom from limitation and suffocation. Liberation is the transcendence of the body-consciousness. The body consciousness is the "I-ness" song, the song that says, "I have and I am." Liberation is the embodiment of Eternity's poise and Immortality's voice. Eternity is God's Silence-Vision. Immortality is God's Sound-Manifestation. Poise is the God-Beauty in man. Voice is the man-duty for God.

A liberated man is he who has smashed the shackles of birth and death. Birth is a painful cry. Death is a fruitless sigh. A liberated man is he who does not suffer from self-created ignorance. Ignorance is the unreal in us. The unreal is the source of all our teeming maladies. But our own birthless and deathless aspiration-ascent is the panacea for all these maladies.

Aspiration is Heaven-power. Heaven-power continuously sings and dances with enlightenment. Desire is earth-strength. Earth-strength is afraid of enlightenment. Enlightenment is not a boon; it is not even a gift. Enlightenment is a supremely fulfilling unfoldment from deep within.

Illumination, liberation and realisation. These three are inseparable friends. These are the rungs in our aspiration-ladder, which reaches the highest Absolute. Illumination conquers darkness. Liberation conquers ignorance. Realisation transforms both darkness and ignorance so that we can become a perfect instrument which is used by the Absolute Supreme in His own Way.

WNY 4. SUNY at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY — 5 March 1978

We concentrate, we meditate5

Concentration is an art. Meditation is an art. Concentration is a challenging art. Meditation is an illumining art. Concentration reveals power. Meditation reveals peace. Concentration helps us expedite our spiritual journey. Meditation helps us reach our ultimate Goal.

When we concentrate, we concentrate on the finite in the infinite. We concentrate on a drop in the vast ocean. When we meditate, we meditate on the Infinite inside the finite. We meditate on the blue-vast sea inside the tiny drop. We concentrate to silence the world of outer noise. We meditate to hear the world of inner voice.

When we concentrate, we feel that the world around us offers us tremendous obstacles. Therefore, we are apt to reject the outer world. When we meditate, we accept everything. The world around us and the world within us both remain at our disposal. Only we transform all that has to be transformed in the outer world and in the inner world. It is in the process of transformation that we derive satisfaction.

Concentration carries the message of conquest. Right after conquest we get happiness. Meditation gives us happiness amidst the battles of life. It gives us happiness both in success and in failure, in victory and in defeat. The message of meditation carries us far beyond the domain of success and failure, victory and defeat. Meditation makes us feel that success is an experience and that failure is also an experience. These experiences ultimately lead us to the selfsame goal: satisfaction in our oneness-life with our Beloved Supreme.

Concentration reminds us of God the Omnipotent. Meditation reminds us of God the Omnipresent. When we concentrate, Infinity in its power aspect appears before us. When we meditate, Eternity in its tranquility aspect appears before us.

God created the world with His Meditation and in His Meditation. But in the process of involution, evolution, inner revolution and outer resolution, He uses concentration. God the Creator awakens us, inspires us and aspires in and through us with His Meditation-Light. God the creation is around us and for us with His Concentration-Power.

Concentration tells us, "Run, run fast, faster, fastest in order to reach the Goal." Meditation tells us, "The Goal is not in front of you. It is not remote from you. The Goal is within you. Dive deep within. To your wide surprise, you will not only see the Goal within you, but you will see yourself as the ultimate Goal. You the seeker, you the aspiration and you the realisation are one and identical."

We concentrate, we meditate.

WNY 5. Pace University, White Plains, NY — 7 March 1978

We shall wait6

We shall wait. We shall devotedly wait for the right hour. The right hour is the inspiration-hour.

We shall wait. We shall soulfully wait for the right place. The right place is our aspiration-heart.

We shall wait. We shall unreservedly wait for the right Master. The right Master is the Realisation-King.

We shall wait. We shall unconditionally wait for the right Goal. The right Goal is our constant and inseparable oneness with our Source, our Beloved Supreme, founded upon our soulful surrender to Him.

We shall wait. We shall wait in the Creator's Silence-Beauty. We shall wait in the creation's sound-responsibility. We shall wait in reality's flower-fragrance. We shall wait in divinity's fruit-substance.

We shall wait. We shall be perfect strangers to teeming worries and anxieties. We shall find our roots anchored in God's Patience-Light.

We shall wait. We shall wait for our Beloved Supreme to whisper, "Come in, My sweet children." We shall wait for our gratitude-heart to respond, "Beloved Supreme, we are all Yours. To please You in Your own way is the birth, the continuation and the ever-transcending, ever-fulfilling experience of our soul's journey."

We shall wait. We shall wait and grow into God's Compassion-Height. We shall wait. We shall wait and glow in God's Patience-Light.

We shall wait. We shall wait.

WNY 6. State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY — 11 March 1978, 11:00 a.m.

We shall not wait7

We shall not wait. If we wait, we shall lose. If we lose, we shall weep. Who wants to weep? Nobody. We wish only to smile at our Beloved Lord Supreme.

We shall not wait. If we wait, we shall fail. If we fail, we shall die. Who wants to die? Nobody. We want only to live on earth to spread the Light of our Beloved Supreme. We want to live on earth to manifest Him in His own Way.

To wait is to make friends with empty hours, empty days, empty months and empty years. To wait is to miss God's Perfection-Freedom-Train which is bound for the ever-increasing Satisfaction-Station.

If we do not wait, our life's inspiration and our heart's aspiration will make us see the Face of our Creator. Our Creator needs no future; He has and He is the eternal Now.

If we do not wait, our Beloved Lord, the Author of all Good, will make us His choice instruments by transforming our life within and without totally, Him to manifest in His own Way. We shall be His perfect channels of revealing Light and fulfilling Delight.

If we do not wait, in the inner world revolution will be our name; in the inner world, evolution will be our name; and in our own world, satisfaction will be our name.

We shall not wait. We shall start praying and meditating. We shall pray continuously. We shall meditate continuously. If we continuously pray, one day at God's choice Hour, we shall grow into God's transcendental Height. If we continuously meditate, one day at God's choice Hour, we shall grow into God's universal Light.

WNY 7. SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY — 11 March 1978, 3:00 p.m.


God's universal Push awakens us. God's transcendental Pull liberates us.

We worship God because we think that He is far, very far. We love God because we feel that He is near, very near.

Sincerity we need; purity we need. With our sincerity we strengthen our aspiration-heart. With our purity we enlighten our dedication-life.

In our life of aspiration, in our life of dedication, we wish to make fast, faster and fastest progress. How do we achieve this goal? We achieve it on the strength of our faithfulness, cheerfulness and soulfulness. Faithfulness we need in our physical consciousness. Cheerfulness we need in our vital consciousness. Soulfulness we need in our psychic consciousness.

We all wish to make progress, continuous and constant. How is it that we do not make satisfactory progress? We do not make satisfactory progress precisely because we live in the world of complaints. We complain and, because we complain, we do not make any progress. Because we do not love God, we complain, and because we complain, we do not love God. And because we think of the world too much, we make no progress.

There are two lives: the aspiration-life and the desire-life. We started our journey with the desire-life. Then we gave up the desire-life and entered into the aspiration-life. At God's choice Hour, we shall enter into the realisation-life, where satisfaction will be ours within and without.

WNY 8. Hunter College of CUNY, New York, NY — 17 March 1978


Pure is our aspiration-plant. Purer is our dedication-flower. Purest is our gratitude-heart. Sweet is our soulful smile. Sweeter is our inner cry. Sweetest is our gratitude-heart. Gratitude is pure happiness. Happiness is sure perfection. Perfection is complete satisfaction both in man's world and in God's world.

Our gratitude-heart ceaselessly receives blessingful love, soulful concern and fruitful oneness from above. Our gratitude-heart feels that its very existence on earth is an unconditional act of God's Grace. Our gratitude-heart knows that its acts are for God and for God alone.

In this world we are apt not to value anything or anyone, but our gratitude-heart always values everything in God's creation. It values God the Creator and God the creation. It values God's Compassion and it values God the Compassion. It also values God's Justice-Light and God the Justice-Light, for it knows that God, our Beloved Supreme, is always the Author of all Good.

Our gratitude-heart never fails God. It carries with it flaming aspiration, the burning inner cry and a constant self-giving reality. At every moment God pleases our gratitude-heart with His boundless Concern, Compassion and all-loving Oneness.

We aspire for the Infinite, the Eternal and the Immortal. The seeker in us constantly is trying to transcend himself on the strength of his aspiration-cry and dedication-smile. Our seeker-heart's experience-life, realisation-life and God-fulfilling manifestation-life are clearly read in the Face of our Beloved Supreme. Our own autobiography is clearly read in God's own Face. We offer Him our gratitude-heart and He gives us His constant Assurance that He has chosen us to be His choice instruments, Him to fulfil in His own Way here on earth and there in Heaven.

WNY 9. SUNY at Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY — 18 March 1978, 2:00 p.m.


Who is called? Who is not called? He who needs is called. He who does not need is not called. Who needs? The seeker-lover in us needs. Who fulfils our need? The Beloved Supreme, the eternal Liberator, fulfils our need and responds to our inner cry.

What does the seeker in us need? He needs God-Truth, God-Light and God Delight. God-Truth awakens him, God-Light illumines him and God-Delight fulfils him. God-Truth he hears. God-Light he sees. God-Delight he feels.

There are two worlds: the desire-world and the aspiration-world. In the desire-world our supreme choices are division and self-assertion. In the aspiration-world, our supreme choices are God-discovery and self-mastery. A sincere seeker, in the process of discovering and uncovering, realises his birthless and deathless inseparable oneness with his Source.

The seeker in us constantly needs God's boundless Compassion-Rain and God's Satisfaction-Reign. God the Beloved Supreme constantly needs from the seeker in us our aspiration-plane and dedication-train.

He who chooses the Absolute Supreme has already been chosen by the infinite and unconditional Bounty of the Supreme. The seeker's soul, the seeker's heart and the seeker's very existence on earth, have already been chosen by the Absolute Supreme to be his faithful, devoted and unconditional instruments for His divine Manifestation.

WNY 10. SUNY at Potsdam, Potsdam, NY — 19 March 1978

The seeker's duty11

The seeker's duty is complete non-co-operation with the desire-world. The seeker's duty is constant co-operation with the aspiration-world.

The seeker at times gets success from the desire-world, but to his wide surprise he eventually sees that inside his desire, what looms large is frustration. Desire itself is a dissatisfied hunger; when this hunger is fulfilled, it only increases.

In the aspiration-world when the seeker makes progress, he sees that in his progress itself there is satisfaction, abiding satisfaction. The aspiration-world and progress go together; progress and satisfaction go together.

The human duty is to love, serve and become the height of truth. The divine duty is to sing the song of oneness, to dance the dance of perfection and to live the life of fulness. The human duty is to discover God-Reality within and without. The divine duty is to uncover God-Beauty here, there and all-where.

Not to feed the doubting mind is the supreme duty of the seeker. To feed the loving and aspiring heart is the supreme duty of the seeker. To live in the soul and for the soul is the supreme duty of the seeker.

The seeker's duty is to have inner courage. This courage is an act of inner faith. Faith is an act of self-giving love, and love is an act of God-becoming life. The seeker's ultimate duty is to offer his soulful cry from the inmost recesses of his heart. When the seeker offers God his soulful cry from the inmost recesses of his heart, at that time God, out of His infinite Bounty, tells the seeker that He also has a Duty of His own. And that Duty is to grant the seeker, His chosen instrument, a blessingful and fruitful Smile.

WNY 11. St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY — 19 March 1978, 7:30 p.m.

Let us try to empty the mind12

We shall now try to empty the mind. Indeed, this is the most difficult task, but we shall do it. Our mind has made friends with teeming thoughts. These thoughts are unhealthy, uncomely, unaspiring and undivine. The moment our aspiration-heart eliminates one thought, to its wide surprise another thought immediately crops up. It seems that we are forced to play an endless game.

But there is also another game, and that game is the will-power-game. We have inherited that game from our Father, the Lord Supreme. When we play that game we transform our thought-world into the will-power-world.

Where do we get this will-power? We get this will-power from our heart's calmness-sea. From where do we acquire this calmness-sea? We acquire it from our soul's freedom-sun and oneness-sky.

A man of will-power braves all the storms and tempests of life. He knows that he is not the earth-bound body but the Heaven-free soul. His body is not earth-bound; his life is not earth-bound. He also knows that he is not his nature's slave, but a supremely chosen instrument of his Inner Pilot, his Beloved Supreme. What he truly has and what he truly is, is aspiration-flame, and this aspiration-flame makes him feel that he is always Heaven-free. He is in the world, true; but he is not of the world. At the same time, he knows that he is for the world, for the world's transformation and for God's manifestation in and through the world. He is always for this world.

Let us try to empty the mind. In our mind's emptiness will loom large Infinity's Peace, Eternity's Light and Immortality's Delight. Let us try to empty the mind.

WNY 12. SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY — 20 March 1978

Lord, my Lord13

"Lord, reform Thy world, beginning with me." This is a prayer of a Chinese Christian, which President Roosevelt quoted at a press conference in 1941.

Lord, my Lord, I know. I know that my nature's transformation is the answer to the world's transformation.

Lord, my Lord, I know. I know that my heart's purity and my life's humility comprise my soul's magnanimity.

Lord, my Lord, I know. I know that my love of You is my journey. I know that my surrender to You is my destination.

Lord, my Lord, I know. I know that in my desire-world I am the abyss of nothingness. I know that in my aspiration-world I am the sea of fulness.

Yesterday, my Lord, I came to You proudly and haughtily. Today, my Lord, I have come to You devotedly and unreservedly. Tomorrow, my Lord, I shall come to You soulfully and unconditionally.

Lord, my Lord, when I speak to the world about You, it is not my personal opinion. It is the revelation of my sweet oneness-relation with You.

Lord, my Lord, do make me see and feel that my heart's perfection-cry has to be continued and transcended.

Lord, my Lord, do make me see and feel that my life's satisfaction-smile has to be renewed daily and pursued.

Lord, my Lord.

WNY 13. SUNY at Farmingdale, Farmingdale, NY — 21 March 1978


Silence is the greatness of the human mind. Silence is the goodness of the divine heart. Silence is the selflessness of the perfect soul.

Silence loves God's inner Beauty. Silence reveals God's inner Duty. God's inner Beauty awakens the human seeker in us. God's inner Duty fulfils the divine lover in us.

Silence is the God-Song. This Song is an ever-transcending experience. Silence is the God-Music. This Music is an ever-illumining realisation.

There are two realities: sound-reality and silence-reality. Sound-reality is self-reliance. Silence-reality is God-reliance. Sound-reality is self-declaration and self-admiration. Silence-reality is God-adoration. Sound-reality is the declaration of our human autocracy and supremacy. Silence-reality is our constant self-transformation in God's Compassion-Heart.

A man of silence has a free access to God's personal properties. These properties are Eternity, Infinity and Immortality. In the soul of Eternity, man the seeker learns from God. In the heart of Infinity, man the seeker speaks to God. In the life of Immortality, man the seeker becomes another God.

WNY 14. Fordham University, Bronx, NY — 28 March 1978

I watch, I pray15

I watch before I pray. I watch if there are undivine thoughts trying to assail my mind. Needless to say, I do not surrender to these undivine thoughts.

I watch before I pray. I watch if there are divine thoughts trying to inspire my heart. Needless to say, I welcome these thoughts with my open mind, open heart and open arms.

I pray, and then I watch. I watch and see if the jealous world is trying to rob me of the peace, light and bliss that I have acquired from my prayer. Needless to say, my conscious awareness prevents the jealous world from robbing me.

I pray, and then I watch. I watch to see if there are sincere seekers who would like to have the peace, light and bliss that I have acquired from my prayer. Needless to say, to them I immediately offer my peace, light and bliss devotedly, soulfully and unreservedly.

God watches me pray. Through my prayer He expects me to change for the better: to have a better consciousness, better aspiration and a better realisation.

God watches me pray. Through my prayer He expects me to become a more soulful instrument of His, Him to serve unconditionally in His own Way.

God watches me pray. Through my prayer He wants me to become an unconditional seeker, an unconditional server and an unconditional lover.

Before God created this world, He watched and measured the ascendance of His Silence-Height. Now that God has created the world, He watches and measures the excellence of His Sound-Might.

I pray, I watch, I accept and, finally, I embrace the Feet of my Beloved Supreme with my heart's purity. God meditates, accepts and, finally, embraces my heart with his constant Self-giving Reality and Self-giving Divinity.

WNY 15. C.W. Post College, Long Island University, Greenvale, NY — 30 March 1978

Faith, love, devotion and surrender16

My Lord, my simple faith follows You. My Lord, my sincere love follows You. My Lord, my intense devotion follows You. My Lord, my unconditional surrender follows You.

My faith knows what You are. My love knows who You are. My devotion knows all about our closeness. My surrender knows all about our oneness. I know, my Lord, that when I do my best You do the rest for me compassionately, unreservedly and unconditionally.

Why was I created? I was created to love You. Why was I created? I was created to need You. Why was I created? I was created to manifest You here on earth. Why was I created? I was created to be a perfect instrument of Yours, to please You in Your own way.

I have a secret, a supreme secret. I am at my journey's start, and the goal is still a far cry. Indeed, this is my inner conviction.

My Beloved Lord Supreme also has a secret, and this sweet secret He shares with me. He tells me that I am not at my journey's start but that I am at my journey's close; I am at my destination. But this destination of mine, unlike other destinations, is ever-transcending, ever-illumining and ever-fulfilling. At the destination the journey actually does not come to a close, for each destination is the starting point for a new journey. Therefore, I am always walking, marching and running along Eternity's Road, in the process of a new, illumining and fulfilling journey.

WNY 16. SUNY at Oswego, Oswego, NY — 1 April 1978, 2 p.m.

Appreciation, admiration, adoration and love17

I appreciate, I admire, I adore and I love. I appreciate God the Power. I admire God the Light. I adore God the Delight. I love God the Compassion. Power is great. Light is good. Delight is immortal. Compassion is all-fulfilling. My God-appreciation multiplies my joy. My God-admiration multiplies my strength. My God-adoration multiplies my beauty, inner and outer. My God-love multiplies my satisfaction, within and without.

In the desire-world there was a time when I was a total failure. Nobody gave me a helping hand. I accepted my total failure, which was undoubtedly a blessing in disguise. Then I left the desire-world and entered into the aspiration-world. Here, at times, I am assailed by doubt, fear, teeming anxiety and worry. Yet sometimes I am also encouraged and inspired by the higher worlds of Light and Delight.

The world of desire separated me from the world of satisfaction. The world of aspiration, at the present state of my evolution, does not guarantee me abiding satisfaction. But there will come a time when I shall enter into the realisation-world, and my realisation-world — which will be founded upon my aspiration-world — will grant me everlasting joy and everlasting delight.

In the desire-world, when I failed, nobody blamed me. In the aspiration-world, when I was half-successful and half a failure, the world around me did not care for me. But when I succeed in the realisation-world, the entire world will care for me, for the realisation-world is the world of oneness.

The desire-world is the world of division and possession, where each individual tries to lord it over others. In the aspiration-world fear and doubt and other negative ideas assail my human mind, and my aspiration is at times thwarted by undivine, unhealthy, uncomely forces. But the realisation-world, which is the world of inseparable, eternal and all-pervading oneness, can never be assailed by teeming doubts and negative forces. For this is the world of oneness and perfection, and inside perfection what looms large is satisfaction: satisfaction of the universal Soul, which the seeker in me embodies, and satisfaction of the transcendental Reality, which my seeker-life also embodies. It is only in the realisation-world that I can have satisfaction, and this satisfaction of mine I can share with my fellow-seekers, who are sailing in the same boat toward the Golden Shore of the ever-transcending Beyond.

WNY 17. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY — 1 April 1978, 8:00 p.m.

Success and progress18

Confidence in myself I need. Assurance from God I need. Confidence tells me that eventually I can become a perfect instrument of God. Assurance tells me that this goal of mine is within my easy reach.

Confidence means to have the key to God's Kingdom. Assurance means to have the willingness and devotedness to open the door. Once I have opened the door, I see the face of success and feel the heart of progress.

Success is in the desire-world. Progress is in the aspiration-world. We succeed in life. We succeed in fulfilling our ambitions. But in outer success there is no assurance that we will be happy, even if we have great success, greater success and greatest success. Whereas with progress, even when we make just an iota of progress, we become happy, and our happiness is abiding.

Success belongs to our earth-consciousness. Progress belongs to our Heaven-consciousness. Success makes us feel that we have the capacity, that we can do everything. In success we feel that it is we who are the actual doers. Progress makes us feel that we are not the doers. It makes us feel that there is an unseen force deep within us that encourages and inspires our progress, and that inside this progress is our constant happiness. This unseen force is the doer; God is the doer. This is what we learn from our progress.

The seeker marches along the road of success, but that road ultimately fails to show him the destination. Then the seeker walks along the other road, progress. Here at every moment he meets with joy and satisfaction, for at every moment he sees a destination. Needless to say, this destination is only the starting point for a further, more illumining and more fulfilling goal.

Success makes the individual feel that might is right. So in the world of success, the individual human being comes first and God comes next. This is what success tells us. But progress tells us that might is God's Compassion and right is also God's Compassion. Progress also tells us something else most significant: God is first and God is last; in between is the seeker's place.

Man finds his eternal place between God the Leader and God the Follower. God the Leader and God the Follower grant him a place in the inmost recesses of the Universal Heart. In this place, the seeker at every moment sees that God the Leader and God the Follower are taking him to his destination, where he will become one with the transcendental Vision and the universal Reality that he has been longing for throughout Eternity.

WNY 18. SUNY at Cortland, Cortland, NY — 2 April 1978, 10:30 a.m.

Our human life and our divine life19

Our human life is not a bitter complaint. Our human life is not a serious problem. Our human life is not a heavy burden. Our human life is not a deplorable failure.

Our human life is a God-inspired aspiration-journey. Our human life is a God-intoxicated dedication-road. Our human life is a God-fulfilling manifestation-song. Our human life is a God-satisfying perfection-mission.

Our divine life is not a mental hallucination. Our divine life is not an escape from the hard realities of the world. Our divine life is not the total negation or destruction of our earthly life.

Our divine life is the only true reality. Our divine life sings the song of the Infinite inside the very life-breath of the finite.

Our human life is Time's possibility-seed. Our divine life is Eternity's inevitability-tree.

Our human life is the flowering of our love, devotion and surrender. Our divine life is God's supreme Victory in and through us.

In our human life we see man the evolving God. In our divine life we see God the manifested man.

WNY 19. Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY — 2 April 1978, 2:30 p.m.

What shall I make of myself?20

What shall I make of myself today? I shall make of myself a simplicity-life, a sincerity-heart, a humility-mind, a purity-vital and a luminosity-body. Simplicity will reduce my possession-necessity. Sincerity will multiply my God-necessity. Humility will connect me with Heaven's true reality. Purity will expand my heart's length and breadth. And inside my luminosity, my heart's inner cry will constantly see an ever-transcending, ever-illumining and ever-fulfilling dawn.

What shall I make of myself tomorrow? Tomorrow I shall make of myself an unconditional seeker, an unconditional lover and an unconditional server. The seeker in me will always cry. The lover in me will always smile. The server in me will always cry, smile and, at the same time, gain perfect perfection.

It is at God's choice Hour that I can give up my human life, as previously I gave up my animal life. For me the Hour of God has struck. Now is the choice Hour for me to enter into the divine life. But the divine life will not negate my human life; far from it. It will only change, transform and illumine my human life. Inside my human life teeming desires assailed my mind. But now I shall embrace the aspiration-life, the life of inner cry. Here I shall cry not for name or fame or earthly possessions, but for the Feet of my Beloved Supreme. My only goal is to sit at His Feet, Him to please in His own Way at every moment. Darkness I have, and my darkness I shall place at His Feet. An iota of light I have, and this iota of light I shall place at His Feet. I have an inner cry, an insignificant inner cry, and this inner cry I shall place at His Feet. I have a fleeting soulful smile. This soulful smile, although it is fleeting, I shall place at His Feet. My earth-bound expectation, my Heaven-free satisfaction, both I shall place at His Feet.

The human in me, the divine in me, the animal in me I shall place at the Feet of my Beloved Supreme. He will utilise the divine in me to manifest Himself in His own Way. The human in me also He will utilise to manifest Himself here on earth in His own Way. The animal in me — which is doubt, jealousy, insecurity, impurity and so forth — He will utilise again in His own Way. Everything that I have, everything that I am, my Beloved Supreme will use, Himself to serve in His own Way. I shall be only an instrument, an unconditional instrument, of my Beloved Supreme, Him to please in His own Way, here on earth and there in Heaven. In the desire-world, in the aspiration-world, in the experience-world, in the realisation-world and, finally, in the oneness-world I shall please Him, my Beloved Supreme, always in His own Way, always.

WNY 20. SUNY at Binghamton, Binghamton, NY — 2 April 1978, 7:30 p.m.

Editor's preface to the first edition

Between February and April of 1978, Sri Chinmoy offered an inspiring concert to the soul of every university in New York State. On each occasion Sri Chinmoy also gave an illumining talk. This is the first of two volumes of his Wisdom-Waves in New York.

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