Wisdom-waves in New York, part 2

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God's World and man's world1

God’s World and man’s world.

In God’s World there is no such thing as imperfection. It is all perfection, all-illumining and all-fulfilling perfection. In man’s world there is no such thing as perfection. It is all imperfection. The outer nature of imperfection is discouraging. The inner nature of imperfection is disheartening.

In God’s World there is no such thing as impurity. It is all purity. Purity is the oneness-delight of God the transcendental Beloved Supreme and God the universal Lover Divine. In man’s world there is no such thing as purity. It is all impurity. Impurity is at once impulsive and repulsive. The very nature of impurity is to destroy the entire being.

In God’s World there is no such thing as failure. It is all experience. Experience is the precursor of realisation and realisation is oneness within and without. In experience we notice two things: success and progress. Success eventually surrenders to progress, for progress is always encouraging, illumining and fulfilling, whereas success at times proves to be a disaster in disguise. In man’s world there is no such thing as success. Even when so-called success comes, it never brings abiding satisfaction.

In God’s World there is no such thing as sacrifice. It is all closeness-perfection and oneness-satisfaction. In man’s world also there is no such thing as sacrifice. Here it is all division-wall and destruction-volcano.

God’s World is always ready to inundate man’s world with Infinity’s Love, Eternity’s Concern and Immortality’s Life. It is man’s world that must needs accept the blessingful gifts from God’s World with a tiny gratitude-flame from the very depth of its heart.

WNY 21. SUNY at Purchase, Purchase, NY — 3 April 1978

God's Will and my will2

God’s Will and my will. Is my will becoming one with God’s Will? Yes, it is.

What does God want from me? God wants me to express my deep appreciation for those who help me in my life’s journey towards the uncharted golden Land, and I am doing it.

God wants me to thank my friends sincerely and unreservedly, and I am doing it.

God wants me to say a few nice things about my enemies. Indeed, it is a hard task, but somehow I manage to do it.

God wants me to decrease drastically my desire-bound earthly needs, such as material possessions, name, fame and glory, and I am doing it.

God wants me to increase boundlessly my aspiration-free heavenly needs, such as a self-giving concern for humanity and an unconditional surrender to divinity. I am doing it.

God wants me to grow into a gratitude-sea so that I can receive Him all the time measurelessly and, at the same time, please Him in His own Way. I am doing it.

In an uncertain world there are only four things that are unmistakably and absolutely certain:

God loves me unconditionally.

I need Him breathlessly.

God has come to me as a Compassion-Tree.

One day, at God’s choice Hour, I shall go to Him as a satisfaction-fruit, His satisfaction-fruit.

WNY 22. Adelphi University, Garden City, NY — 4 April 1978

Time changes3

Time changes. This is an old lesson. We have all learned it. We change, too. This is a new lesson. What do we change? We change our consciousness. Consciousness is the thing that connects us either with death or with Immortality. In the desire-bound world death reigns supreme. In the aspiration-free world Immortality reigns supreme.

Why do we change? We change precisely because even after the fulfilment of the desire-world, we are not satisfied. Even an iota of satisfaction has not dawned on our mental horizon, vital horizon and physical horizon. But in the aspiration-world we do not need anything to satisfy us; we do not need any accomplishment to satisfy our inner urge. The moment we cry deep within, we feel a sense of satisfaction. We do not have to wait for any result. While crying we get a sense of satisfaction. The result, the most satisfactory result, is the cry itself.

How do we change? We change for the better from the desire-world to the aspiration-world, from the chasm of death to the Sea of Immortality. We change on the strength of our inspiration and aspiration. Inspiration is the divine reality which always carries us forward far, farther, farthest. Aspiration is the divine reality which lifts us up high, higher, highest. Inspiration for the forward movement, aspiration for the upward movement.

When do we change? We change when God’s Hour strikes. What is God’s Hour? It is the chosen Hour when everything is done in us sooner than at once. It is not done by human beings, but by God the Eternal Pilot, in and through human beings. God does not expect anything in return. At God’s Hour His Justice-Light is replaced by His Compassion-Height. At that time God makes the individual consciously feel that he is of infinite Light, and he is for immortal Delight. At God’s choice Hour man becomes a constant burning flame of gratitude. This flame of gratitude eventually grows into the sun. Inside that sun humanity’s aspiration looms large, and eventually there comes a time when divinity finds humanity to be its perfect instrument to please the Absolute Supreme in His own Way.

Time changes. This is our old lesson. We change, too. This is our new lesson. When time changes, quite often we feel that we are helpless, hopeless and useless. Time does not wait for us. At every moment we are forced to act like true beggars, for we have not been able to accomplish what we wanted to accomplish. But when we learn the new lesson — that we change, too — we feel that at every moment we are making progress. At every moment we are listening to an inner call. At every moment we are preparing ourselves to fulfil an inner need. At every moment we are preparing ourselves to learn the art of self-giving, for in self-giving the Supreme message of God-becoming thrives. Our Goal is not only to see the Face of the Golden All, but also to grow eventually into the Golden All.

We change. We change always for the better, for we are seekers of the ultimate Truth. In us is the message of God-Perfection and God-Satisfaction. We change. We change always for the better, precisely because in us is the eternal hunger, the perennial hunger, to become one with the universal Truth and the transcendental Reality.

WNY 23. Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY — 5 April 1978

I shall go on loving God4

I shall go on loving God, even if God does not love me. I know that God, being the Justice-King, will not remain indebted to me. He too one day shall start loving me.

I shall go on thinking of God even if He does not think of me. I know that God, being the Justice-Light, will not remain indebted to me. He too one day shall start thinking of me.

I shall go on serving God even if He does not help me. I know that God, being the Justice-King, will not remain indebted to me. He too one day shall start helping me.

I shall go on manifesting God even if He does not manifest me. I know that God, being the Justice-Light, will not remain indebted to me. He too will one day start manifesting me.

Is it true that God does not love me? No, He does love me. I do not feel God’s Love precisely because I live in a desire-net and feel that this desire-net is God Himself. But my real God lives a few inches away from my desire-net, because He does not want to be caught by it. My desire-net I love; I feel that it is nothing short of God. But, to my wide surprise, my desire-net does not love me. Therefore, I feel that God, my Lord Supreme, does not love me.

Is it true that God does not think of me? No, God does think of me. But I do not feel that He thinks of me. Why? Precisely because I live in my thought-world. I extol my thought-world to the skies and feel that it embodies the highest transcendental Reality. Poor God! He lives right beside my thought-world with His adamantine Will to illumine, perfect and, thus, to fulfil my thought-world. But I give Him no chance. I feel that I am self-sufficient. I feel that inside my thought-world I have the entire creation — not only the entire creation but also the Creator Himself, which is absurdity on the face of it.

Is it true that God does not help me? No, He does help me. But when I serve God, I feel a strong sense of pride. Constantly I see pride deep within me looming large. Poor God! My Lord Supreme enters into the chasm of my pride and feels that He is being suffocated. Therefore, He runs away.

Is it true that God does not manifest me? No, He does manifest me. But unfortunately I love my disproportionate ego. I feel that by loving my disproportionate ego, I will be able to cover the length and breadth of the world and thereby derive satisfaction from my life. My Lord Supreme tells me, “My son, I wanted to grant you satisfaction. Now I see that you have acquired satisfaction in your own way. I do not want to stand in your way. But a day shall come when you will feel that your satisfaction is nothing short of frustration. On that red-letter day, if you approach Me, I shall be more than willing to grant you My Way of satisfaction. Right now, since you want to be satisfied in your own way, I shall remain in pin-drop silence. And when the hour strikes for you to have divine satisfaction, all-illumining and all-fulfilling satisfaction, then come to Me. I shall give you all that I have for you and all that I am to you. All that I have for you is my infinite Compassion and all that I am to you is your Source, your Eternity’s Beloved Supreme.”

To feel God’s Love, what I need is a new purity heart.

To see that God thinks of me, what I need is a new serenity-mind.

To know that God helps me, what I need is a vital stronger than the strongest. This vital has to be founded on my boundless receptivity. In essence, what I need is a receptivity-vital larger than the largest in order to feel that my Lord Supreme at every moment helps me.

To observe that God manifests me, what I always need is a divinity-life. In my life of divinity and self-giving, without fail I shall observe my Lord Supreme’s constant, immortalising activity in and through me. My life of divine self-giving is based on my conscious awareness of who I am and what I am. Who am I? I am a supremely chosen instrument of my Beloved Supreme. Out of His infinite Bounty He has made me so. What am I? I am the eternal seeker and the eternal server. I seek and seek; endless is my search as I walk along Eternity’s Road. Sleeplessly and breathlessly I serve my Lord Supreme as I walk along Eternity’s Road soulfully, devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally. This capacity of mine I have received unconditionally from my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme.

WNY 24. New York University, New York, NY — 8 April 1978

Who is my friend on earth?5

My Lord Supreme, who is my friend on earth? Who is my enemy on earth?

“My son, I am your friend, and I am your enemy.”

How can it be, my Lord Supreme? How can You be my friend and my enemy at the same time?

“My son, when I fulfil your aspiration heart, I am your friend. When I fulfil your desire-life, I am your enemy.”

My Lord Supreme, why do you then fulfil my desire-life?

“I fulfil your desire-life because you insist on being fulfilled in your desire-life. Helpless, I fulfil your desire-life. Again, with My inner Vision I know that your desire-life will cause tremendous frustration in you and for you, and that there shall come a time when you will dive deep within to accept the aspiration-life. Aspiration-life is the life of satisfaction; desire-life is the life of frustration. It is in aspiration-life that you will discover Me as your friend. It is in your aspiration-heart that you will discover Me as your friend, your only friend here on earth and there in Heaven.”

My Lord Supreme, is there any way I can increase my friendship with You? Is there any way I can feel deep within my heart my most intimate and inseparable connection with You?

“Yes, My son, there is. From now on, try to control your thought-world. At every moment you are assailed by thoughts. Each time a thought enters into your mind, if it is a good thought or a progressive thought, then enlarge it, and inside the vastness of the thought try to see and feel Me. Without fail, I shall be inside the vastness of your thought. As soon as a wrong thought, an uncomely, undivine or impure thought, enters into your mind, try either to annihilate it or transform it into a pure, divine and progressive thought. Each thought acts like atomic energy; it has boundless power. With this thought either you can build a new world or you can destroy the real in yourself. The real in you is your cry for truth, for light and for perfection.

“You can enter into the imagination-world in order to increase our friendship and feel that constantly I love you; and not only that I love you but also that I need you. Imagination is not and cannot be a mental hallucination. It is the precursor of a reality here on earth. Imagination is a reality which abides in its own world. Imagination descends from this imagination-world proper into the reality-world which we see, feel and grow into. Imagine that I am kind. Imagine that you are pure. Imagine that you are an instrument, a choice instrument of My Reality. Imagine that at every moment I am doing everything for you unconditionally. It is on the strength of your imagination that you can feel Me most intimately. And finally, enter into the gratitude-world. It is in the gratitude-world that you can see My total satisfaction in you. Inside My satisfaction what looms large is your own satisfaction, which is founded upon your nature’s transformation, your nature’s liberation from ignorance-night.

“My son, I am your only Friend. A friend is he who constantly fulfils the oneness-world. The oneness-world is the world of self-giving, and inside self-giving is the truth-becoming, satisfaction-blossoming, perfection-dawning Reality.”

WNY 25. SUNY at Old Westbury, Old Westbury, NY — 17 April 1978

The seeker6

Here we are all seekers. A seeker is he who most of the time lives in the inner world. In the inner world the seeker has quite a few friends and quite a few enemies. Doubt and fear are his worst enemies. Faith and courage are his best friends.

Fear usually lives in the vital. Doubt usually lives in the mind. Faith lives in the heart and courage lives in the soul.

We fear precisely because we live in the division-world. We doubt because we fail to live in the oneness-world.

Faith and courage. A seeker needs faith both in God and himself. If he does not have faith in God, he cannot manifest the divinity that he has within. And if he has no faith in himself, then he will not be able to discover the divinity that he embodies. So it is of paramount importance for him to have faith both in himself and in God.

An ordinary man has faith in himself, but this faith is not the faith of a seeker. The faith of an ordinary man we call a disproportionate ego. A seeker has faith. His faith is founded upon his humility, his purity, his divinity and his oneness with the Will of his Beloved Supreme.

The seeker has to travel a long and arduous road, but when his inner being is inundated with indomitable courage, his journey’s goal does not remain a far cry. His very courage expedites his journey.

The body-consciousness or physical consciousness at times lives in the vital — the insecure, impure and aggressive vital. At other times it lives in the doubting, suspicious, sophisticated and ultra-modern mind. Again, the physical consciousness at times lives in the heart, which is flooded with poise, peace and light. On very rare occasions the physical consciousness or body-consciousness lives in the soul. There it discovers, to its wide surprise, the soul’s capacity: the indomitable courage and adamantine Will of the Supreme that the soul embodies. The Absolute Supreme acts through the soul’s adamantine will.

A seeker is he who constantly tries to keep the body-consciousness inside the soul’s divine reality; for the soul is inundated all the time with inspiration, aspiration and realisation, and the seeker knows that this is what he needs. When the seeker’s human reality enters into the soul’s divinity and lives there for some time, it achieves divine qualities and divine capacities in abundant measure. The world of frustration and failure it leaves far behind. Only in the world of success and progress, the world of ever-transcending beauty and perfection, does it live. And eventually it grows into Infinity’s Love, Eternity’s Bliss and Immortality’s Life.

WNY 26. Brooklyn Center, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY — 18 April 1978

My life7

My Lord Supreme, my committed life thinks of You. My perfected life meditates on You. My surrendered life loves You. My oneness-life fulfils You.

My thought-world tells me that there is definitely a goal. My meditation-world tells me that this goal is not a far cry. My love-world tells me that You are my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme. My fulfilment-world tells me that we need each other: I need You for my realisation-seed and You need me for Your manifestation-fruit.

My Lord Supreme, this is my simple discovery: I am not what my mind says, but what my heart does; not what my heart does, but what my life eventually becomes; not what my life eventually becomes, but what my soul eternally is. My soul is Your Eternity’s soulful Cry and Your Infinity’s fruitful Smile.

WNY 27. SUNY at New Paltz, New Paltz, NY — 20 April 1978


A soulful seeker says to his Inner Pilot: “My Lord, I have not said much to the world. Why? You know, because the world does not understand me. Not only that, but what is worse, the world badly misunderstands me.”

“My Lord, I have not done much for the world. Why? You know, because the world does not want my help. Not only that, but what is worse, the world is apt to destroy my little humble creation.”

“My Lord, I have not thought of the world much. Why? You know, because my thought-waves are blighted by the blindness of the world. Not only that, but what is worse, the ruthless world compels my mind to starve.”

“My Lord, I do not meditate on the world much. Why? You know, because the world deliberately destroys my conscious, constant and inseparable oneness with the Lord Supreme. Not only that, but what is worse, the world vehemently throws poisonous suspicion-snakes all around me.”

“My Lord, I do not love the world much. Why? You know, because the world does not want to learn the lesson of divine love: constant self-giving, which is another name for God-becoming. Not only that, but what is worse, the world does not care for its own divinity and only reality, which is the soul, the all-loving and all-illumining soul.”

WNY 28. SUNY at Geneseo, Geneseo, NY — 21 April 1978, 9 a.m.

Today is a good and special day9

Today is a very good and special day for me to think of God. Today is a very good and special day for me to pray to God. Today is a very good and special day for me to meditate on God. Today is a very good and special day for me to love God. Today is a very good and special day for me to speak to God.

Why? Why? Why? Because today nature is extra peaceful and extra soulful. Today nature is lovingly and unreservedly helping me both inwardly and outwardly in my life of aspiration and dedication.

Today, while I am thinking of God, I feel that there is no necessity on my part to think of anything or anybody else. I feel that from now on I shall be thinking of God alone. Indeed, it is a great accomplishment.

Today, while I am praying to God, I no longer feel attached to the possession-life, but lovingly drawn to the illumination-life.

Today, while I am meditating on God, I clearly see that my self-giving is nothing short of my God-becoming.

Today, while I am loving God, I feel that there is nobody on earth who knows what love truly is. I don’t blame anybody, for in order to love others one must become love itself. It is God alone who has that capacity and who knows what love is. Therefore, I have decided from today to love only God. He is at once the Love divine, the Lover eternal and the Beloved immortal.

Today, while I am speaking to God, I feel and see clearly that each individual human being is in the process of evolution; I feel and see clearly that each individual human being is an evolving God, a realising God, a manifesting God and a fulfilling God. Each individual human being is another living and perfect God of tomorrow.

WNY 29. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY — 21 April 1978, 3 p.m.

Three friends: inspiration, aspiration and realisation10

My three old friends, my three good friends, my three intimate friends, my three indispensable friends, my three inseparable friends are inspiration, aspiration and realisation.

My inspiration-friend always helps me run far, farther and farthest and, at the same time, fast, faster and fastest. My aspiration-friend helps me fly high, higher and highest and, at the same time, fast, faster and fastest. My realisation-friend helps me dive deep, deeper and deepest and, at the same time, fast, faster and fastest.

At the end of my journey’s close, my inspiration-friend shows me my Beloved Lord’s illumining Feet. At the end of my journey’s close, my aspiration-friend shows me my Beloved Lord’s fulfilling Head. At the end of my journey’s close, my realisation-friend shows me my Beloved Lord’s immortalising Heart.

Right from my spiritual journey’s start, my inspiration-friend has accelerated my progress. My aspiration-friend has created a new world of all-illumining dawn for me. My realisation-friend has liberated me from the meshes of ignorance.

With inspiration my Beloved Supreme created the entire Universe. With aspiration my Beloved Supreme wants to become His Universe. With realisation my Beloved Supreme wants to sing the song of perfection in His entire creation.

My inspiration-friend is always for a new creation, a new realisation, a new manifestation and a new fulfilment. My aspiration friend creates inside the new creation the message of transcendence, constant transcendence. Today’s ultimate height is tomorrow’s starting point: this is what my aspiration-friend teaches me. Finally, my realisation-friend tells me that these divine realities — the new creation and the message of self-transcendence — are not something that I acquire in the process of evolution. No, these are something that I eternally am. They are my own Eternity’s Divinity.

WNY 30. SUNY at Brockport, Brockport, NY — 21 April 1978, 7:30 p.m.

A special beauty11

There is a special beauty in the seeker who soulfully cries. There is a special beauty in the seeker who unreservedly smiles.

There is a special beauty in the seeker who unconditionally gives. There is a special beauty in the seeker who gratefully receives.

There is a special beauty in the seeker who knows that his precious purity lasts precisely because it is helped by his divine love. There is a special beauty in the seeker who knows that his divine love lasts precisely because it is constantly helped by his intense devotion. There is a special beauty in the seeker who knows that his intense devotion lasts precisely because of his surrendered oneness with his Inner Pilot.

Beauty human, beauty divine and Beauty supreme. The human beauty appears at lightning speed and also disappears at lightning speed. Slowly, steadily and unerringly the divine beauty appears, and it does not disappear. Eternally the supreme Beauty abides in the core of the self-giving seeker. It neither appears nor disappears; it eternally is in the core of the self-giving seeker.

WNY 31. Niagara University, Niagara Falls, NY — 22 April 1978, 2 p.m.

Delay not12

My Beloved Lord, do You want me to wait to receive more from You? Do You want me to wait to give You more?

“No, no, My son, you must not wait. If you wait, your old undivine friends will tempt you and assail you.

“Your old undivine friend, lethargy, will attack your body. Your old undivine friend, fear, will attack your vital. Your old undivine friend, doubt, will attack your mind. Your old undivine friend, insecurity, will attack your heart. Your old undivine friend, impurity, will attack your life. Therefore, do not wait.

“Delay not. Run, fly and dive! Run far, farther, farthest. Fly high, higher, highest. Dive deep, deeper, deepest.

“Delay not. If you delay, you will miss the goal. He who waits cannot succeed. The race is for the swift. He who waits cannot succeed. The fight is for the brave. He who waits cannot succeed. The game is for the divine lover.

“This is a spiritual race. It is a spiritual fight and a spiritual game also. Here each moment is of paramount importance. At each moment you can expedite your soul’s journey. Your love for Me should be ignorant of intermission. Your devotion to Me should be ignorant of intermission. Your surrender to me should be ignorant of intermission.

“Start. Reach the goal. Start again. Again reach the goal; and again start and again reach the goal. The goal is ever-transcending. Along My Eternity’s Road become the eternal traveller. A birthless start and a deathless end shall be your own Eternity’s Goal.

“My son, delay not. Do not wait. The Hour has struck. It is high time for you to dive deep within and always cry and try and try and cry to become a supremely chosen instrument of Mine.

“Give Me immediately what you have: your heart’s gratitude and your life’s surrender — a gratitude-heart and a surrender-life. To you immediately, My son, I shall grant My infinite Compassion and My immortal Satisfaction.

“Wait not. Delay not. Here and now start running, until the goal is reached. Again, this goal that you will reach will be the starting point for a new goal, which will be again the starting point for a higher goal. An eternal traveller you are, walking eternally along My Eternity’s Road. For you there is only the birthless start. For you there is only the deathless end.”

WNY 32. SUNY at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY — 22 April 1978, 6:30 p.m.

The spiritual life13

My Beloved Lord Supreme, I have a few questions. Do illumine me. My Lord, how do You feel about those who descend in the spiritual life?

“Those who descend in the spiritual life are unmistakably deplorable failures.”

What happens to those who descend in the spiritual life? Will they be given another chance?

“Yes, they will be given another chance. As a matter of fact, they will be given chances time and again, but they may not avail themselves of these chances. Chances will be given, but they may not take advantage of the new opportunities.”

What happens to those who give up the spiritual life and speak ill of the spiritual path or the Master and spirituality in general?

“They receive untold punishment from the inner world. The punishment they receive is from their old friends: fear, doubt, anxiety, worry, frustration and, finally, destruction. When a seeker enters into the spiritual life, these friends or enemies torture him, and then, when he gives up the spiritual life, again they torture him. But this time when they torture him, they torture him with mockery. They tell the seeker: ’We knew that you were not meant for spiritual life.’ The seeker is totally lost. He is neither in the aspiration-world nor in the desire-world. The aspiration-world does not need him any more, and the desire world says, ‘Because you deserted us and entered into the aspiration-world, we don’t need you. But because you descended, you deserve punishment from us.’ Then fear, doubt, anxiety and insecurity assail the ex-seeker.”

My Lord, what happens to those who have given up spirituality and now want to come back but, out of sheer embarrassment, fail to come back?

“They must know that there is no such thing as embarrassment in the spiritual life. What one needs is wisdom. This wisdom has to dawn eventually in everybody. Once wisdom dawns, the Hour of God strikes; again, when the Hour of God strikes, the inner wisdom dawns. This inner dawn or the Hour of God is of paramount importance in the life of each individual seeker.”

My Lord, what happens to those who try, yet fail?

“If they try and fail, then rest assured that they will be granted an extra supply of Compassion from Me, so that they are bound to succeed. Why do seekers fail? Why do they succeed? They fail because in the process of their spiritual life, instead of having one boss, they have come to have two bosses or two lords. The Teacher is one boss and the seeker himself is the other boss. The Teacher represents the heart-world, the world of the heart, and the seeker embodies or represents the vital world, the world of expectation, the world of demand and, finally, the world of revolt.

“In the beginning, when these seekers accept the spiritual life, they make a solemn promise to themselves and to the Teacher that they will please the Supreme in the Teacher and in themselves the way the Supreme wants to be pleased. But after some time, they feel that they have pleased the Supreme in His own Way, so now they can please themselves in their own way. So they try to make a compromise in their day-to-day life. For some time they listen to the dictates of their inner being, the divine in themselves, and they try to reach the higher goal. Then, because they have pleased the divine, the Supreme, in themselves, they feel that they are now allowed to satisfy themselves in their own way. But here they are making a Himalayan mistake. Once they commit themselves to the Supreme, eternally they must please the Supreme in His own Way.”

How can they maintain their aspiration, their enthusiasm, their love for You, their devotion to You and their surrender to You? At one time they had sterling faith, intense love, intense devotion, intense surrender; everything was intensity itself. But they have lost it over the years. How can a seeker maintain the same intensity throughout his spiritual journey?

“The seeker must realise that in himself he has an eternal hunger, an insatiable hunger. The hunger for the Unknown and the hunger for the Unknowable he must constantly cherish. This hunger is not an earthly hunger to possess and be possessed. Here the hunger is for self-illumination and perfection. When the individual seeker is illumined, he is bound to see and feel that the world within and without is all illumined. If he has this eternal hunger to do the right thing and to become the Supreme’s perfect instrument, then his hunger will be fulfilled and, to his wide surprise, he will see that the world around him is also fulfilled.

“What the seeker needs is constant inner hunger; he should never be complacent or think that he has reached the ultimate goal. There is no such thing as the ultimate goal; there is only one goal that constantly transcends its own height. So the seeker has to realise the supreme Truth that at every moment he is transcending his own highest height by virtue of his self-giving to the ever-transcending Reality and Divinity. Every day a new hope must dawn within him; every day a new flow of enthusiasm must percolate through his entire being. A new promise to sacrifice his earth-bound consciousness and fulfil his Heaven-free consciousness he must constantly cherish. Every day the seeker must feel that he is walking forward and looking forward to a new, bright, brighter, brightest goal. He must not feel doomed to disappointment because of his past failures. Failures are only the pillars of success. He must realise that in his case there is no such thing as failure, for he definitely needs and wants the ever-illumining and ever-transcending Divinity.

“A sincere seeker will always aim at a higher goal and a more fulfilling perfection. A sincere seeker is he who never remains satisfied with what he has or with what he has become. He is not like an ordinary man who is dissatisfied all the time and doomed to frustration and self-destruction. No, his dissatisfaction is not a human dissatisfaction; it is totally different. Here he is dealing with Eternity and Immortality. He is trying to transcend himself instead of binding others. He is trying to please his Beloved Supreme more, ever more. He is trying to become an unconditionally surrendered seeker. Therefore, his dissatisfaction is not the dissatisfaction of a desire-bound human being. He is dissatisfied because he cannot become what the Supreme in him wants to become and what the seeker in his soul wants to become.”

“This dissatisfaction will not be used in a negative way, but in a positive way. He will say, ‘I have so far to go, so much to accomplish, so much to give. Therefore, I must run fast, faster, fastest. I must increase my inner cry, I must dive deeper within to acquire more divine wealth — more love, devotion and surrender. What for? Only to place it at the Feet of the Supreme so that it can be utilised by the world at large.’ So his divine dissatisfaction pleases the Supreme in His own Way, and this satisfaction of the Supreme is what the seeker has all along been longing for.”

WNY 33. St. Bonaventure University, Olean, NY — 23 April 1978, 11:00 a.m.

Do I believe in miracles?14

Do I believe in miracles? Yes, I do. Do I want to see miracles performed in my own life? Yes, I do. Every day I wish to get up at six o’clock in the morning and pray to God and meditate on God. If I can do this, it will be the first miracle in my life.

The second miracle I want to see in my life is this: for ten fleeting seconds every day I shall offer my gratitude heart to my Beloved Supreme. The third miracle I want is to be able to pray without any expectation. I shall pray for peace, love and light from my Beloved Supreme, but if He does not fulfil my prayer, I shall not mind. I shall continue to pray so that I can become a good instrument, for I feel that by practising prayer I can become a good instrument of my Beloved Supreme.

There is still another miracle which I want to see performed in my own life. When I meditate, it is my most sincere wish not to allow any thought whatsoever to enter into my mind. I wish to make my mind calm, quiet and tranquil during my meditation. During my meditation, in silence I shall sing the song of victory, and this song I shall dedicate to my Inner Pilot. During my meditation I shall observe only one thing: is my surrender to the Will of the Supreme increasing or decreasing? I shall try to increase my surrender at every moment during my meditation. I shall meditate for vastness in my outer nature and perfection in my inner nature. I shall try to meditate for at least half an hour without intermission, soulfully, devotedly and unconditionally. At the end of my meditation I shall again offer my gratitude-heart to my Beloved Supreme for ten fleeting seconds, for out of His infinite Bounty He has enabled me to perform the first miracle: to get up early in the morning and put an end to my lethargy and ignorance sleep.

During the day I shall try my best to chant, deep in the inmost recesses of my heart, a small but soulful, meaningful and fruitful message: “God for God’s sake.” Spirituality is for the sake of spirituality. Realisation is for the sake of realisation. Oneness is for the sake of oneness. Spirituality means God for God’s sake. The inner cry means God for God’s sake. Perfection in nature means God for God’s sake. When the seeker soulfully cries out, “God for God’s sake,” Infinity, Eternity and Immortality become not vague terms but absolute realities which blossom slowly, steadily and unerringly in his heart.

From now on, I shall love my Lord for my Lord’s sake; Him I shall please in His own Way. In silence I shall utter, “God for God’s sake.” If I can do all this, then I shall be a performer of a number of miracles in my own life.

WNY 34. Alfred University, Alfred, NY — 23 April 1978, 3:30 p.m.

A seeker's conversation with his Inner Pilot15

A seeker’s conversation with his Inner Pilot, his Beloved Lord, the Absolute Supreme:

My sweet Lord, the world disappoints me. The world fails me. How is it that I still love the world?

“My child, you love the world precisely because you see Me, Your Beloved Supreme, as preparation today; but tomorrow you will see Me as satisfaction. Inside the disappointment, inside the failure, you see only one thing and that is My own growth and evolution. Therefore, you love the world.”

My Lord Supreme, I have tried to please You with love, devotion and surrender, but I have failed. If I start the journey all over again, that is to say, if I make friends with sloth and inertia on the physical plane, with aggression and impurity on the vital plane, with doubt and suspicion on the mental plane, and with insecurity and timidity on the psychic plane, do You think Your Compassion will then overflow for my sad failure? Do You think You will show me Your unconditional Compassion because of my most deplorable failure?

“No, My child, I shall not. Do not go back. Walk along the right road. It will eventually lead you to your destined goal. Even if you fail all the time to run, even if you fail to march, even if you fail to walk, even if you fail to crawl, even if, because of your lack of receptivity, you have to sleep on the road, do not go back, do not march backward. The goal is always ahead. If the world fails you, if the world disappoints you, if you feel that you have failed yourself, if you feel that you are totally lost, if you feel that you have disappointed Me, then I assure you, I shall grant you, time and again, chance after chance. Also, those who have failed you will be given countless opportunities to please the supreme Reality in you, as you will be granted countless opportunities to please the supreme Reality in them. Do not give up. Once you start walking along the road of spirituality, do not give up. Only give up one thing: expectation. For today’s expectation becomes tomorrow’s frustration, and the day after it is transformed into total destruction.

“Do not expect anything from the world. Do not expect anything from Me. Do not expect anything from yourself. Just dive deep within. Your very acceptance of the spiritual life, your very willingness to walk along the path, is more than enough satisfaction. There are millions and billions of people on earth who are not awakened and who do not feel the necessity to be awakened. You are awakened. This is more than enough. What else is needed will eventually be given: that is, illumination.

“My creation started with Vision. This Vision is bound to be followed by illumination and inside illumination what will loom large is satisfaction. Do not give up the spiritual life; only give up expectation-life if you really want satisfaction in every plane of your existence — the physical, vital, mental and psychic.”

WNY 35. St. John's University, Jamaica, NY — 28 April 1978, 7:30 p.m.

Our progress-story16

Dear God, sweet Lord, Beloved Supreme, my spiritual children and I have tried to serve You, please You and fulfil You in Your own Way, soulfully, devotedly and unreservedly. It is You alone who know whether we have succeeded in our divine journey and, if we have succeeded, to what extent.

Capacity and receptivity You gave us to receive Your Silence-Light, Silence-Vision, Silence-Divinity and Silence-Reality. Capacity You gave us to spread Your Sound-Mission, Sound-Manifestation and Sound-Perfection on earth.

Every day You have fed us and nourished us with Your Compassion-Light and blessed us with Your Satisfaction-Delight. All this You have done out of Your unconditional boundless Bounty.

Your transcendental Greatness was our heart’s soulful choice. Your universal Goodness was our heart’s soulful choice. By serving You in the seeker-students of the universities, we have tried to elevate our own consciousness. By pleasing You according to our limited capacity, we have again tried to elevate our consciousness. We tried to serve You, please You and fulfil You on the physical plane. On the inner plane, it is You who have inspired us and aspired in and through us for Your own satisfaction and divine fulfilment.

Today, at the end of our journey’s close, we wish to place our soulful choice at Your Feet. We wish to place our devoted service at Your Feet. We wish to place our success-glory at Your Feet. We wish to place our progress-story at Your Feet.

WNY 36. Southampton College, Long Island University, Southampton, NY — 30 April 1978

Editor's preface to the first edition

Between February and April of 1978, Sri Chinmoy offered an inspiring concert to the soul of every university in New York State. On each occasion Sri Chinmoy also gave an illumining talk. This is the second of two volumes of his Wisdom-Waves in New York.

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