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Sri Chinmoy wrote over 1,600 published books. In time, this site will contain this considerable body of work in its entirety. Currently, there are 1712 books available.

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Talks and university lectures

oslo-chinmoy.jpgSri Chinmoy gave numerous talks at universities around the world, including Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge, highlighting the central truths of yoga, religion and spirituality for the modern seeker. The book My Ivy League Leaves includes lectures in Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

Answers to questions

talking.jpgOver the years, Sri Chinmoy answered numerous questions on the spiritual life, offering practical guidance through his simple, direct and powerful replies. These questions have been compiled into volumes such as Sri Chinmoy answers and Flame-Waves.


my-flute.jpgSince his teens, Sri Chinmoy was a prolific poet - many of his famous early poems are contained in My Flute. In later years, his poetry focused on short instructional poems and aphorisms.

During his lifetime,  Sri Chinmoy created three epic collections of poetry:


lifes-bleeding-smiles.jpgSri Chinmoy wrote numerous short stories, which are both illumining and entertaining. These stories include retellings of traditional Indian stories as well as new stories set in a modern context.
Among Sri Chinmoy's story collections: Illumination-experiences on Indian soil, and India and her miracle-feast.


siddhartha-buddha.jpgSri Chinmoy wrote plays about the lives of some of the great Avatars, such as the Buddhathe Christ, Sri Chaitanya and Sri Ramakrishna, revealing the quintessence of their lives and teachings. Sri Chinmoy's insights help illumine the unity of different spiritual traditions around the world.


President-Mandela-with-Sri-Chinmoy-lifting-at-the-Presidential-Mansion-in-Pretoria.jpgSri Chinmoy wrote tributes to world figures he deeply admired. These books include poems and talks about the lofty achievements and illumining personalities of these great individuals, such as President Mikhail Gorbachev, President Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.

Personal anecdotes

Sri-Chinmoy-running-on-track.jpgWhile Sri Chinmoy did not write an autobiography, he offers many charming insights into his childhood and youth in books of family vignettes. In his later years in America, he shared anecdotes and observations from his daily life in book form such as The world-experience-tree-climber (from his world travels) and Run and become (from his athletic training).



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Selected Books and Pages

With over 1,590 published books, Sri Chinmoy was a very prolific author. To gain an insight into his spiritual philosophy and teachings, some books provide a particularly good starting point. Some of these anthologies and compilations are not available at Sri Chinmoy Library.

meditationMeditation Man-Perfection-God-Satisfaction
A collection of essays and talks on the essential aspects of yoga and spirituality. Written in a practical vein, this book offers the newcomer as well as the advanced seeker a deep understanding of the spiritual life.


university Blessingful Invitations from the University World
This enlightening book consists of some of Sri Chinmoy's key University talks and lectures on the spiritual life.


jewels-of-happiness.jpg The Jewels of Happiness
A compilation of some of Sri Chinmoy's classic writings grouped together by different topics, such as peace, power, and patience. Includes both poetry and practical wisdom.


An  collection of life-transforming talks given by Sri Chinmoy in a period of 20 days. Each talk is a revelation of some essential spiritual truth, and a contemporary look at the eternal reality.


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