The callous nurses

How callous some nurses can be! My sister wanted to eat at six o'clock, but they do not give food until seven. When I saw that she was so hungry, I tried to talk to the nurses, but they ignored me. I called them, saying, "Sister" or "Hello," but they just passed by me.

I said, "This is too much."

The following day I went to the doctor. The doctor was very kind and full of admiration for me. The doctor got furious: "What can you do with these people? We have some Ashramites here but the rest of the nurses are from outside. They are paid nurses. The paid ones are so bad."

Recently, I sent from New York seven or eight kinds of vitamins for my sister, as well as eggnog, which the Mother took for three years. Three hours before the Mother passed on, the last thing she took was eggnog, according to one of her assistants.

This time I gave more vitamins and eggnog to the doctor, and he assured me that they would give them to my sister. Then I discovered that for two days they did not give anything to my sister. I asked her, and she said, "No, no, they have not given me anything."

When I told the doctor, the doctor got furious. He asked one of the nurses in front of me if she had given the vitamins and the nurse admitted she had not given them. The doctor said to me, "We can only get angry with them. If we fire them, we will have nobody."

One nurse said that they gave the vitamins inside some milk, but my sister did not take the milk. They said, "Is it our fault she did not drink it?"

I said, "Can you not tell my sister when you are giving the vitamins that they are from her brother?" The main doctor told the nurses, "Definitely you have to say these things are from Chinmoy-da."

So they agreed they would tell my sister. Now they do mention it. Three different things they give, and each time my sister knows that it is coming from me.

The two main doctors are so nice. They have such love and admiration for me, but some nurses were so bad!

Sri Chinmoy, My express visit to India.First published by Agni Press in 1995.

This is the 1096th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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