God, allow me to see my dearest sister

When I arrived at the hotel, they asked me to pay in advance, so I gave them eight hundred rupees. Then they asked me, "At what time do you wish to leave?"

I answered, "I want to leave this place at three o'clock."

They said, "Oh yes, we shall call you at three o'clock."

I told them three, but I knew that if I left at 3:15, it would also be all right. The plane was due to leave at 4:30. It was only three minutes from there and I had my ticket. In the room I took out my timer. I said, "In case they do not call me, I will use this." So I set the timer.

Then I called my brother to find out how my sister was. He said, "She is still alive. You will be able to see her."

I said, "This is the greatest news I have got." This was the only message I wanted to hear; I was so happy that she was still alive.

Then I phoned up the nursing home. The nurse shouted, "Lily-di, Lily-di, Chinmoy-da is calling you!" Then she took the phone to my sister, and said, "Say something, say something! Say hello at least or call his name."

My sister was not able to do me that favour. She could not speak. I thought, "The boat is sinking. Before I touch the destination, before I reach Pondicherry, she cannot even say hello. She is so sick." I was praying to God: "Since I have taken such trouble to come to see my dearest sister, God, allow me at least to see her."

Sri Chinmoy, My express visit to India.First published by Agni Press in 1995.

This is the 1096th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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