Is it my fate?

“My Lord Supreme, is it my fate that I shall have no short-cut to my satisfaction-goal? Everybody knows that there is a short-cut to the goal, but in my case I have not yet discovered that short-cut. You want me to love the world, You want me to serve the world because inside the world is Your own Reality-existence. But this world of Yours was not ready, is not ready and perhaps will never be ready for any chosen instruments, supremely chosen instruments, to awaken the slumbering human life. No! No spiritual figure has ever succeeded according to Your inner Volition. Perhaps You expected, expect and will always expect more than the sleeping world can offer to You, to Your direct emissaries. My Lord Supreme, do tell me what was the main obstacle and what is the main obstacle for my brother-sister friends who came into the earth arena to change the face of the world radically as I am also trying to do?”

“Only one obstacle you have, only one obstacle they had, and this obstacle is, and has always been, insurmountable. Do you know what that obstacle is? Disobedience, which grows into world-defiance. The seed of this disobedience is lack of oneness-heart. My son, unfortunately there is no short-cut for you, for you have become inseparably one with Me. God-realised souls have no short-cuts, for they have accepted My burden as their own burden. This world denies and defies all short-cuts, but you and I and others who are in the same boat have to make friends with our Eternity’s patience.”

EA 85. 20 July 1977, 6:45 a.m. — Jamaica High School Track, Jamaica, New York.