Part IX

//On 26 October 1986 Sri Chinmoy was interviewed on “The First Estate: Religion in Review” by producer and host Dr. Russell Barber, highly respected religion editor and Emmy Award winner at WNBC-TV. Following is a transcript of the programme, which focused on Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting achievements.//

Russell Barber: Guru Sri Chinmoy is a Master of meditation. In his pursuit of God and Truth, he has used his meditation powers to accomplish amazing things, from writing 700 books and composing 3,000 songs to creating over 140,000 esoteric paintings. He has now turned this Eastern discipline to weightlifting. In the world of weightlifting, Sri Chinmoy's progress has been remarkable.

Sri Chinmoy is with us today to explain how he uses meditation to excel in athletics. Thank you, Guru, for coming again to “The First Estate.”

I want to know more about meditation first. What’s the first lesson that you would give me as I try to learn how to meditate and use these special powers?

Sri Chinmoy: When we meditate, the first thing we have to do is to control our thoughts. We want to keep the mind as calm and as quiet as possible, so we will not allow any thought to enter into our mind.