Question: Guru, while you are lifting a very heavy weight, do you feel that you become one with the weight, or is it like an opponent that you are challenging?

Sri Chinmoy: The weights are not opponents, but I feel that inconscience has challenged my aspiration and my realisation; it has challenged God’s Omnipresence. This metal has no aspiration, almost no light. So there I want to enter with my love. It is not with my physical power but with my love-power, which is oneness-power, that I enter into the metal. But you have to know that my oneness-power embodies tremendous will. It is not like the Battle of Kurukshetra in which two parties are fighting. No! Only one party has challenged God’s Light with ignorance or inconscience, and the other party is trying to conquer it not by force or aggression, but with love. The inconscience of the weights has challenged me, so I try to become one with them with my inner love.