Question: We know that muscles are controlled by the brain via the central nervous system. Is it possible to get the brain to fire up more electricity (nerve impulse) and at a greater rate?

Sri Chinmoy: Being a seeker, I clearly see and feel that the power of concentration is infinitely stronger than mental power. The power of concentration usually comes from the third eye, which is the eye of intuition and the eye of vision. Therefore, concentration-power can easily and effectively increase the power of the mind.

But seekers of the highest order can also bring psychic power to the fore and utilise it in a most intense way. In this case, the intensity of concentration is infinitely stronger than when the power of concentration is only in the mind and from the mind. Psychic power has the rare capacity to identify itself with both the seeker and the thing that is sought. Because of this great advantage, God-seekers find that psychic power is by far the most effective.