Question: Guru, sometimes when I have a very difficult problem I feel that I should do nothing before meditating on you or thinking of what you would like me to do. But at the same time I don't have the inspiration at that moment to meditate. What should I do?

Sri Chinmoy: When a difficult problem does not allow you to meditate, you have to feel that that problem is your real enemy. You do not allow an enemy to enter into your room. But if he has already come in, then either you have to push him aside or you have to call the police. If you are strong, if you have the power, then you can push your enemy aside. That is, you have to throw the difficult situation out of your mind. But if you see that your enemy is much stronger than you, then call the police. And who is the police? Here the police is my grace or the Grace of the Supreme. Just cry, “Guru, come, come to me with your grace and compassion!” The divine police will immediately come in the form of compassion. This compassion will throw the enemy out of your mind-room and solve the difficult problem.