Question: My aspiration seems to take two forms. One is a dynamic cry and the other can best be described as a relaxed, peaceful kind of feeling. Which is preferable?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to know whether the relaxed feeling is actually your inner voice or a kind of lethargic feeling. Sometimes, after meditating for half an hour, people feel that they have done something remarkable. They think that they can relax for hours because they have played their role. But your inner cry must be constant and dynamic. Then after you have meditated for two or three hours the flow of dynamic aspiration will surcharge your entire being. Then, gradually you will get inner peace in the body, in the vital, in the mind and in the heart.

In the beginning you have to work hard. You have to struggle in order to cry constantly. But once you are in motion, there is no worry. When you want to drive a car you have to turn the key and do various other things. But when the engine is running, at that time you can relax. Similarly, in meditation you need the dynamic inner cry first. Then only can you get the divine peace and poise.

Now real spiritual poise is not a matter of self-deception. But inside us there are many forces that try to convince us that we have done something wrong. In your case, especially because you are a disciple of mine, I wish you to pay all attention to your dynamic inner cry. Your dynamic inner cry will lead you to your Goal. If it is the Will of God, then while you are marching or running towards the highest Beyond, God will give you a special message about the best type of aspiration for you.