Question: Should I meditate on my third eye?

Sri Chinmoy: Sometimes during meditation, individuals concentrate on their third eye. There is nothing wrong with an individual meditating on his third eye. Only you have to know how much preparation you already have. Suppose your third eye opens up untimely and you are not spiritually mature. If you see with your third eye that your mother is going to die tomorrow, you will die today with worries and anxieties. Or your third eye may allow you to see the past. Suppose you see that in the past you badly deceived someone. Now you are such a sincere seeker, but you will feel so miserable because of what you did in the past. You will say, "I have deceived someone, so in this incarnation how am I going to realise God? I am such an undivine person."

But if you have inwardly prepared yourself through gradual meditation on the heart, then if your mother dies tomorrow you will simply say, "Oh, it is God's Will. After all, I have come to surrender my whole existence to God's Will. If He wants to take His daughter, it is His business." And if you had been a thief or a very undivine person in the past, so what? Before you were undivine and now you want to become divine. That is why you have accepted the path of aspiration. This is called illumination, and illumination will save you. If you have this kind of illumination, and it is a living experience in your life, then you can easily meditate on the third eye without any fear. But unless you have illumination as a living experience, it is dangerous to open the third eye. Any serious incident that you see in the future will kill you right in the present. And if you become aware of any unfortunate incident that took place in your past, you will feel extremely miserable and you will not have the heart to go forward.

That is why it is not advisable in the beginning to concentrate and meditate on the third eye. But when your inner being is developed, when you are fully mature and are able to cope with the situations of the past and of the future, then there is nothing wrong with meditating on the third eye. At that time you develop your own power and you make the fastest progress. But right now I tell the beginners not to concentrate on their third eye, because it only creates unnecessary problems.