Question: How can we tell which message we hear during meditation is the right one?

Sri Chinmoy: During meditation our heart gets the real realisation of Truth. Absolute realisation is something different, something far beyond this kind of awareness; but let us use the term "realisation" to describe the experience of the heart. After we stop meditating, our mind immediately tells us something else. It says, "No, this message cannot be right." The mind has its own realisation, which it thinks is better and more profitable than the realisation of the heart. But it may be that the realisation which seems to be the less profitable of the two is actually the higher realisation.

The heart always offers the same message. When we sit down to meditate in the morning, it gives one message. In the evening when we meditate, we will again get the same message from the heart. But in the case of the mind, one moment it says one thing and the next moment, as soon as we turn our head, it says something else. One moment the mind will say, "He is a good man. Last night he appreciated me in front of some people." But the next moment our mind remembers the past. Even though the past is now irrelevant, the mind remembers it. Then it says, "He is a rascal. He lied to me twenty years ago." So let us always listen to the dictates of the heart.