Salutation to America

America: the fairest child of freedom, the first to fight for the divine gift of freedom and win it for the New World. None perhaps has a keener perception of freedom’s worth. America! The whole freedom-loving world salutes you. The holy flame that burned in your heart when you were smarting under the injustices of imperial domination is still alive in you. Your one single claim to Immortality is this flame. You live not for yourself alone. You live for freedom and for those who share your love for it. The years 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 bear shining witness to your heaven-kissing flame.

You may or may not know what you are doing. You have conquered matter, but you have kept it from conquering you. That is why your fund of scientific knowledge and your bountiful wealth you freely place at the service of suffering humanity. Another achievement of yours has been to build up the material basis for the coming great Age of Spirituality. The elite of your people, convinced of the interdependence and even the oneness of Matter and Spirit, are responding to the call of that Age. This can be seen in the eagerness with which your mind, with its youth and freshness, is seeking to listen to the message of that New Age.

Brought up in the atmosphere of freedom, you have self-confidence in all your undertakings. The benefits of your freedom have fostered in you a sense of responsibility in all matters of national and international interest.

Your progressive spirit, striving towards perfection in everything, is a divine blessing. But for your magnanimous participation in many fields of international activity, the world would not be knit together as closely as it is now, though you and the rest of the world have yet a long way to go to reach the destined Goal.

Victory in the War of Independence is the foundation stone of American nationality. The average American cannot conceive of the idea of a defeat anywhere. It goes ill with his national pride.

America is wealth. America is heart. America is sacrifice. Before long in America hopefully there will shine forth the world’s collective soul.