Being American means

Mr Heinrich Boll, West Germany's 1972 Nobel Laureate in literature, declared: "Being American means the chance to be what you want."

I asked my God two small questions:
What is the meaning of chance?
What do Americans want to be?

"My son, you are a God-lover.
For a God-lover there is no such thing as chance.
My dictionary does not house that particular word.
What you and I call Grace, others call chance.

"My son, here is My answer
To your second question:
Americans want to be perfect slaves to their freedom."

Father, what do You mean?
I don't understand Your answer.
Please be a little more explicit.

"What I mean is this:
Americans are not profitably,
Consciously and unreservedly
Using their freedom-soul
To reach the acme of their Freedom-Goal."