The welcome song

A new Governor came to a particular state. He was very kind, good and learned. The citizens of the state held a ceremony to welcome the new Governor and sang a song highly appreciating him. One particular singer, the leader of the choir, sang the song again and again, and the Governor was extremely pleased. The citizens proudly told him, “We have performed this song in honour of your appointment. It was composed by our leader. We are deeply honoured that we have been able to sing it for you.”

The following day the Governor sent for the leader of the choir, and the singer hurried to the Governor’s office. The Governor said to him, “I understand that you composed the song which was sung yesterday in my honour. I would like to offer you some money as a gift. I was so moved by your song.”

The singer asked, “How much money would you like to give?”

The Governor mentioned a certain amount and the singer said, “It is not worthwhile to take money from you.”

The Governor increased the amount, but still the singer said, “It is not worthwhile.”

Finally the Governor said, “Kindly tell me how much you want. I shall gladly give you the full amount. By the way, I would be so pleased and happy if you could sing the song one more time.”

The singer said, “All right, I shall sing the song for you once more.”

He sang the special song of welcome very soulfully and beautifully. The Governor was deeply pleased. Again he said to the singer, “Please tell me how much money I should give you. This song was composed specially for me and I would like to show my gratitude in a practical way.”

Then the singer was compelled to tell the Governor the truth. He said, “Alas, alas, this song was composed for all those who come to our state as Governors. When the first Governor came, we sang that song. Each time another Governor comes, we perform it for him.”

The new Governor was completely shattered and disillusioned. In a very sad tone of voice he said, “Oh, it is for everybody. It is a general song.”

“Yes,” said the singer. “We sing the same thing for everyone who comes here to serve as the Governor.”

The Governor was so disheartened that he was not inspired to give any money at all to the great singer, and the singer quietly left the room.