A little boy and his drum

A little boy was bragging and bragging to his young friends that he was getting so much money from his drum. With this money he could afford to buy ice cream, pastries and all kinds of delicious things.

One of his friends said to him, “That means you must play so well! You are a born drummer. One day I would like to hear you play. I have no money, but please play for me.”

The little boy said to him, “You do not have to worry about paying me. I am your friend. As a matter of fact, you can come to my house tomorrow. I will give you free ice cream and I will play for you.”

The following day the young friend who had been invited came to the house of the budding musician. To start with, the little musician brought out some ice cream and the two friends sat eating quite happily. The drum was on the floor beside them. When they had finished eating, the eager guest pointed at the drum and said, “Now can I hear you play?”

“No, it is not necessary,” said the musician very proudly. “Without playing the drum, I make so much money! My parents, my brothers and sisters and all my relatives give me money on the condition that I do not play my drum. I can easily make so much money by not playing.”

His little friend was curious. “If you play, what will happen?” he asked.

The budding musician looked very serious. “If I play,” he said, “perhaps my parents will turn me out of the house!”