The retired military officers

Four retired military officers used to meet together to discuss the glorious adventures of their youth and to brag about their bravery and heroism. One afternoon, when they were all taking tea and chatting together, one of the officers said that in a certain battle he met an enemy soldier face to face and cut off both the man’s legs.

The second officer said that he had exactly the same experience, except that in his case he had found himself face to face with two enemies, so he had cut off four legs.

The third officer said to them, “Why did you cut off their legs? Surely it would have been better to think of their heads!”

Now the fourth officer, who had been silent all along, suddenly opened his mouth. “Stop, stop, stop!” he said. “They did not get the chance. I cut off the heads of those three enemy soldiers long before these so-called heroes arrived upon the scene!”