In search of an infallible man

There was once a king whose favourite minister passed away. The king was anxious to fill the vacancy, so he interviewed several young, well-educated men. Finally, he narrowed his choice down to two candidates. To these two he said, “I would like you to answer this question: can one become infallible?”

One of the young men replied, “O King, it is not possible to become infallible. Human weakness is such that we are always prone to making mistakes. But, if God wishes, He can create someone who is infallible right from the dawn of his life. That special soul will be born without imperfections.”

The second young man then gave his opinion. “As human beings, we do have inherent weaknesses, true. But I believe that one can become infallible in this life by praying and meditating. If God showers His choicest Blessings upon us, then we can become infallible.”

The king said, “All right! One is saying that we become infallible on the strength of our prayers and meditations, and the other is saying that it is somehow pre-ordained; one must be infallible right from the beginning of his life. I would like to see such a person. Please go and find me a person who is infallible.”

The young man who had made this assertion left the palace and went in search of an infallible person. A long time passed by and still he was not to be found. Eventually he returned to the palace and he was forced to admit defeat. The king said to him, “Since you have not found anybody who is infallible, do you think there is a possibility that you are the one?”

The young man said, “Yes, perhaps I am one of those very few who are infallible.”

“Thank you! Definitely you are,” said the king. Then to his attendant he said. “Please bring the other young man, the one who said that with God’s Grace, and by praying and meditating, one could become infallible. He is the right one to get this post. I do not need someone who is bloated with pride and self-importance. I need someone who is humble and sincere. Then only can I have confidence that he will make the right decisions for my kingdom.”