The magnificent coat

There was a shopkeeper who used to sell very beautiful garments. He had many customers who deeply appreciated the special fabrics and beads that he had to offer. One day a young man was examining the coats in the store and he came across a most magnificent coat. It was so smart and so exquisite in every way. It was made of the finest silk. Even though the price was quite high, the young man finally decided to buy the coat.

The shopkeeper highly praised the young man’s selection. “When you wear this coat,” he said, “you will look like a real king. In fact, everybody will take you as the king!”

The young man was very pleased. He was anticipating the dramatic effect he would create with his new coat. He paid for it and then put it on, so that he could wear it home. As he was walking along, he began to attract a tremendous amount of attention. Everybody was admiring his new coat.

Then, all of sudden, a disturbing thought flashed across the young man’s mind: “When I am wearing the coat, people say that I look like the king. But I cannot wear it all the time. On those days when I do not wear it, will I not look like an ordinary commoner? People may begin to make fun of me, saying that one moment I am the king and the next moment I am a commoner. Why should I create more problems in my life? The best thing is to return the coat!”

So he retraced his steps to the store and returned the magnificent coat.