The proud student

At a special boarding school for young boys, examination time was fast approaching. One particular boy was reading far into the night, when all the other boys were fast asleep. Most of them were planning to get up early in the morning to study because they felt that was the best time.

The student who remained awake was so happy and proud that he alone was studying at that hour. He felt that he would do much better than all the others. After some time, one of the senior teachers passed by and noticed that this boy had kept his light on. He asked the boy, “What are you doing?”

“As you can see, I am the only one studying for the examination,” replied the student in a very superior manner. “Others are fast asleep, snoring. But I am so proud of myself! I have been studying for hours and hours.”

The teacher said, “Yes, I suppose you can be proud of yourself, but I have to say that I am ashamed of you!”

“Why? Why?” asked the boy.

The teacher said, “You should go to sleep like your friends.”

“You do not want me to do well?” asked the boy, puzzled.

The teacher told him, “I do want you to do well, but you are so full of pride that I do not see how it is possible. I am telling you, your pride will ruin you. It is far better for you to sleep like the other students than to go on studying with this attitude. Those who are sleeping are doing the right thing. They will get up in the morning with new inspiration and enthusiasm. You go and join them; otherwise, I can clearly see that your pride will be your destruction!”