God is in everyone

There was once a very poor family. The father was a tailor who could barely support his wife and son. When the father became a victim of cancer and died, the poor mother found it very difficult to support her eight-year-old son. There were no relatives who could help. She used to tell her son, “God is kind. He is giving us a special experience. God will change our fate.” Then, O God, the mother also fell very sick!

The young boy was very upset, and the mother tried to console him. “God is so kind, He hears all our prayers,” she said.

The son asked, “If I write a letter to Him, will it reach Him?”

The mother said, “Yes, if your letter is sincere, then God will respond.”

He asked, “What is the address?”

She said, “You just address it to Heaven.”

The son wrote, “Dearest Father, my earthly father passed away a short while ago and now my mother is very sick. We do not know what we did wrong in our previous lives to deserve this fate and we have not consciously done anything wrong in this life. Please help us.” It was addressed to the Supreme Father in Heaven.

He went to put the letter in the mailbox, but because he was very short, he could not mail the letter. Then a tall man came by. The boy said, “Can you help me?”

The man said, “Certainly!” The man looked at the letter, addressed to God in Heaven. He asked, “Can I read your letter?”

The boy said, “Yes.”

The man did not have the heart to laugh. He started shedding tears, and then he gave the boy some money.

The boy said, “But you are not God.”

The man said, “No, but did your mother not teach you that God is in everyone? Can I come to your house to see your mother?”

The little boy said, “Alas, how will we feed you?”

The man said, “Do not worry. I am just coming to see your mother because she is sick.”

The man was a member of an organisation that did good things for mankind. He called a special meeting and read out the letter in the meeting. The members were deeply moved, and they all came to see the lady. They said that every month they would send contributions to the family.

So if you have faith in God, this kind of thing happens.

Sri Chinmoy, Amusement I enjoy, enlightenment I study, part 8.First published by Agni Press in 1999.

This is the 1270th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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