Life-force goes away

“Master,” asked a disciple, “can you tell us more stories about occultists taking away life-energy?”

The Master said, “The occultists not only take away life-energy, but with their will-power they can take away the life-force of a machine, a locomotive, anything. They can take power from whoever or whatever is going to run the machine. Indian sadhus have done this many, many times.

“In some cases they don’t take away the life-energy of the machine. They can do another kind of trick. They enter into the brain of the operator and cause a real calamity. Or else, they can occultly use the controls of the machine to start and stop it.

“When the Indian sadhus are insulted by the police or by a conductor, they do this kind of thing. These sadhus are filthy dirty. They don’t take baths and they don’t have money. Their only wealth is a little bag of rice husk on which they will live for three or four days or even a week. The police feel that they are a nuisance. The police are so nasty. They just grab the sadhu’s little bag of rice and toss it out of the train while it is running. Then the sadhus get very mad because this is all they have. They use their occult power and take away the energy from the train and it does not move at all.

“I know of two times when they have done it. Once I heard about it and when I concentrated on it, I saw that it was true. Another time I was watching at our train station when it happened. I saw a sadhu, a thin fellow, an old man of sixty years. He was insulted because a policeman had thrown his stick out of the train. The sadhu had come out of the train and was standing on the platform, very, very furious, and staring at the engineers. There were two engineers; one was the main engineer and the other was his assistant. The sadhu entered into the brain of the chief engineer and made him incapable of operating the train.”