Question: Is the soul an artist?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly! The soul itself is an artist, and its capacity is boundless. The soul is the eldest brother who will give lessons to the younger brother as he paints. Then the soul will say to the younger brother, the body, “Let us work together; let us show our art together.” People will come to see the art of a great, well-known artist, but if an aspiring artist is unknown, nobody will come to see his work. However, if the insignificant one wants to learn from the advanced one, then the capacity of the advanced one enters into the other. In this way, the soul’s capacity enters into the body. It is like the ocean entering into a drop. The Infinite enters into the finite and the finite enters into the infinite, it is like having one dollar and one penny. When they become one, you have a hundred and one cents, and you offer it all together at the Feet of the Supreme.