Question: Guru, there are some achievements that some people will call an art and others will call a science. What is the difference between an art and a science?

Sri Chinmoy: It is true that the same achievement some people will call science and some people will call art. But we have to know that a scientific achievement comes mostly from the mind or intellect or sometimes even from flashes of intuition. But the same thing, if it comes from the heart or soul rather than from the mind, is art. A scientific achievement need not be from the mind, not even from the intellect; the greatest scientific achievements come directly from the intuitive plane. But if the achievement comes from the heart, from the psychic being, the inner being, then it is art, spontaneous art. The thing is the same, but we call it different things according to which plane it comes from. Two factories may produce the same thing, but just because the product is coming from two different factories, it has two different brand names. But actually the thing is the same.