Question: How can we best help the supreme Artist in His art?

Sri Chinmoy: The way to help the supreme Artist, who is the Supreme, is through consciously praying for His Victory. There cannot be any greater service. Let us use the term ‘service’ rather than ‘help’. If we say ‘help’, immediately ego comes forward. But how are we going to help the Supreme, who has everything and is everything? When we say ‘service’, then we get a sense of devotion, a sense of identification. When we take our prayer as service, He is proud of us, but when we take it as help, then we ourselves become proud.

The moment we say, “O Supreme, may Thy Victory be proclaimed in me and through me at every second throughout Eternity,” at that moment we have to feel that we are serving the Supreme. The best service we will be able to give Him is to pray constantly that His Victory should be proclaimed in and through us, in and through our dear ones and in and through each individual on earth. If we have that kind of constant prayer, then we are serving the supreme Artist best.