Question: Is the bond of oneness between the Guru and the disciple a form of art?

Sri Chinmoy: Absolutely! It is a supreme form of art. This art remains for Eternity. Even if the disciple leaves the Master, this bond does not fail. Because of ignorance, the disciple may break the outer bond, but if the Master is a real Yogi, then the inner bond is for Eternity. The Master’s very acceptance of the disciple is itself called union, oneness. Once the disciple has been accepted by a great Yogi or an Avatar, even if the disciple leaves, he ultimately comes back. It may be ten years or twenty years or two hundred years, and the Master may not be in the physical body at the time, but the disciple does come back. Then the Master can identify himself with another Master who is in the physical if he wants to. If he feels that the other Master can be of some help to his disciple, he will allow the disciple to go to this other Master. Then, at that time, he will work in and through the other Master.

The Master’s oneness with the disciple and the disciple’s oneness with the Master is supreme. When the disciple becomes one with the Master, naturally it is a supreme form of art because the Master embodies, reveals and manifests the Supreme for his disciples. Let us say that he represents the Supreme for them. What else can be the supreme art if not the disciple’s establishment of oneness with his Guru who represents the Supreme for him?