Question: How can my life become a true work of art?

Sri Chinmoy: Only through self-giving. Whenever you do something, feel that you are giving of yourself. The other day I told you that when you give a glass of juice to a customer in your store, you have to repeat the name of the Supreme once, at least once. When you give that juice, feel that you are not just giving a liquid substance and a paper cup to some individual. No! You have to feel that you are giving to the Supreme Himself, to the One whom you are invoking and adoring. When you feel that you are giving it to the Supreme Himself, then naturally utmost devotion and surrender comes. At that time, your whole existence is entering into the Supreme in that person.

The best form of art is self-giving with the clear vision of whom you are giving to. You are not giving to the individual, but to the living embodiment of the Supreme or to the Supreme Himself whom you are seeing inside the person. If self-giving is done in that way, at every second every action of yours becomes the supreme art, and life itself becomes the supreme art.