Question: I believe that there is only one Saviour, and that is Jesus Christ. So how do you fit into the picture?

Sri Chinmoy: All right; your Saviour is a very great man. Since he is a great man, naturally he has some servants. Let us say that I am his servant. You do not know where this great man lives or how to approach him, but I do. Although I may be only his servant, I know where the Master lives, where he is seated and what he is doing, and I can take you to see him. You cannot see him without my help or the help of another one of his servants.

Do you think that you can just knock at the door, and the Master himself will come and open the door for you? No, the Master will not answer the door unless you have a very, very powerful inner connection with him. But I will come to the door. I will look at you, and if I am not pleased with your sincerity or your aspiration, then I will know that he will not have any interest in seeing you. But if you please the servant, I will go and tell the boss that somebody very nice wishes to see him. Since I am so pleased with you, naturally he will say, “All right, let me see this man whom you are talking about.” So I will bring you to him, and then my role is over.

But what if the great gentleman who is Christ scolds you at that time? When I take you to him, he may say to you, “You fool! Two thousand years ago I had one name and one form. Do you think that I will continue with the same name and the same form forever? Two thousand years ago I came in one body, in one consciousness. Do you think that I cannot change?

“You change your body repeatedly; you change your apartment every few years. You have to change. Have I no right to change? For two thousand years shall I continue with the same form, same body, same name, same garment, same consciousness? I should and I must change. To do so is to progress. I have changed my body: I have changed my name. Your soul knows that this person who calls himself my servant is representing me on earth. The name may be different, the form may be different, the consciousness may be different: but the Source is the same and the capacity is the same. He represents my real reality on earth. So why do you have to make your job more difficult by trying to approach me in Heaven when you can easily approach my brother who is on earth, and inside him find me?”