Question: Why didn't Christ give any of his disciples realisation?

Sri Chinmoy: If one of his disciples had been ready, the Christ would have been the first person to give him realisation, for then he could have shouldered some of the Christ's responsibilities. On the physical plane when you have something, you may not give it to others because you do not want others to have the same glory. You are insecure. But on the spiritual plane it is not like that. On the spiritual plane if I get something, I give it most willingly. I know that if I give, that person who receives will be able to work for the Supreme most effectively. The only thing is that in the spiritual world it is not possible to give if someone is not ready to receive.

The worst possible curse is to become a Guru. The suffering that a real Guru goes through by becoming one with his disciples is real torture. Ramakrishna's theory was always to remain a seeker, a child. Once you become a Guru, you have to learn to drink poison at every moment, and nothing else. Of course, in your inner life you can drink nectar, but in the outer life you have to drink poison. Christ would have been the first person to give realisation to his disciples, but who was ready to receive it? One disciple betrayed him; one denied him; one doubted him. All kinds of things his disciples did to him. Some of them did not get the opportunity. Otherwise, they would also have done some undivine things. This is the fate of all spiritual Masters.