Question: What was the predominant quality of Christ?

Sri Chinmoy: Right now, it is impossible for a human being to bring all his divine qualities to the fore; they are not at his command. But in the case of the great spiritual Masters, all the qualities are there and they can bring them to the fore at any moment. If they want to show compassion, they will show compassion. If they want to show light, peace and bliss, they also have these qualities at their beck and call.

So we cannot name one predominant quality. The seeker has to feel which quality, which aspect, inspires him most. If the seeker likes the compassionate aspect, then he will pray to Jesus to show him his Compassion. If the seeker needs humility, let us say, he will pray to Jesus to give him humility. But we cannot say that these are his predominant characteristics. As a spiritual Master, the Christ embodied all divine qualities: humility, purity, compassion and so on. But again, on the strength of his oneness with his Father, he also embodied divine authority. If people want to criticise him, they can say that he was proud. This is how ordinary people will understand his divine authority. But the Christ's divine authority was not autocratic. Far from it. On the strength of his oneness with the absolute Highest, authority came.