Question: Would you tell us something about Sri Aurobindo?

Sri Chinmoy: If you want to know about Sri Aurobindo, I would advise you to read his books, especially The Life Divine. The Life Divine is about his own life, his own realisation, his own manifestation. His disciples have also written many books on him but the books that he has written himself are infinitely better than all the books written by his disciples put together. If you read The Life Divine, you will know the message, the unique message, which Sri Aurobindo brought down into the earth-consciousness. The Life Divine is his highest realisation and his divine manifestation. This book says everything.

There are many genuine spiritual Masters who have not written anything. In his case, the world is extremely fortunate that he offered his infinite inner wisdom-light through his writings. One may not want to read all his books, but one book is enough. If you read The Life Divine, you will feel what he is and what he has to offer. But again, what he is, is infinitely superior to his book, to any book or to all the books put together. But whatever the world could receive from his writings he offered through that book. So if you want to know more about Sri Aurobindo, I advise you to read this supremely unparalleled book.