Question: What was Ramanuja's philosophy?

Sri Chinmoy: Ramanuja says that we can be one with God, but at the same time there will be a slight difference. God will always be slightly above us, so that we shall have to worship Him. None of us will ever be the same as God. Although we may become one with God’s Consciousness in the field of realisation and manifestation, we will always remain a devotee.

The servant has already made his inner connection with the Master. The servant knows what the Master’s will is, and he has a free access to the Master. But the servant is still the servant, and the Master is the Master. His philosophy says that if God remains an inch higher than the devotee, then the devotee will get utmost joy. The followers of the path of devotion always want to be just an inch apart from the Highest so that they can taste it. But in the path of knowledge and wisdom, the aspirants want to merge with the highest Truth. They do not want only to taste; they want to become totally one. Ramanuja took the path of devotion. Ramakrishna also did that. They wanted to taste the supreme Bliss and be completely satisfied.