Sri Chinmoy's connection with the great Masters

Question: What will happen if followers of the Christ or the Buddha or other great ascended Masters meditate with you?

Sri Chinmoy: The Christ and the Buddha are spiritual Masters of the highest magnitude. I happen to be a spiritual Teacher also. Now spiritual Teachers, if they are really spiritual, are absolutely one. They come from the same family. Once Sri Ramakrishna told his beloved disciple Vivekananda, “He who is Rama, he who is Krishna, in one form is Ramakrishna.” Once one becomes a realised soul, one becomes part and parcel of the universal Reality. The disciples of the Christ and disciples of the Buddha, if they are true disciples, will have no problem meditating with me in the public meditations, for I am not taking them away from the Christ Consciousness or the Buddha Consciousness. On the contrary, on the strength of my own divine inseparable oneness with the Buddha and the Christ, I can help them reach their Beloved.

I am here on earth as a messenger boy. I tell the staunch Catholics and votaries of other great ascended Masters that they need to go through the secretary in order to approach the boss. If they want to have an appointment with the Master, they must take help from the servant or secretary. It is the servant who will open the door for you, and the secretary will make the appointment. These people can take me as a secretary or a servant. After helping them to approach their Master, my role is over. I will never disturb their interview. Again, if someone is a very close disciple of the Christ or the Buddha, if he had a most intimate connection with these Masters in a previous life, then he may be able to go directly to them. If you are most intimate with the boss, then you don’t have to take help from his servant. But these cases are very, very rare.