Question: Are you aware of what is happening simultaneously on all planes?

Sri Chinmoy: I can be aware of what is taking place simultaneously on all the planes, but it usually is not necessary. However, I always have a general idea of what is happening on all the planes. It is like a house. If I am in one room, then I am aware of everything that is happening there; but I can also have a general idea of what is taking place in the other rooms. But if I am working on a particular plane in order to help my disciples, I am more aware of what is going on on that plane.

When it comes to my disciples' lives, is there anything in which I am not involved? If one disciple suffers because of the conduct of another disciple, eventually it is I who become the sufferer. "I am not involved ". These are the words I use, but in actuality it is I who suffer. I say, "Don't bother me, don't bother me," but when something goes wrong, I know how much I suffer. My suffering is absolutely unbearable when a disciple sincerely suffers.