Question: What does my soul do when it sees the finish line in a race?

Sri Chinmoy: Your soul gets tremendous joy when it sees the finish line because it knows that a new race is going to begin. A new race with more inspiration, more aspiration, more dedication is about to begin. Therefore, your soul gets tremendous joy.

The body can also get tremendous joy, but in the body's case it is a sense of tremendous relief that the battle is over and now it can enjoy rest. The soul gets joy only in constant movement. Therefore, the soul is very happy when it sees the finish line, for this finish line indicates a new beginning with a new hope, a new promise and a new satisfaction. The soul always believes in a new satisfaction. It is always running along Eternity's Road.

When the vital finishes a race, it whispers into the ear of the soul, "O my soul, I am telling you something secretly. You must not tell anybody. Will you give me your word of honour?"

The soul says, "I promise I will not tell anybody."

The vital says to the soul, "Believe it or not, I am even with my Master."

The soul asks, "What do you mean?"

The vital explains, "My Master has badly defeated me in the inner race, but I have badly defeated him in the outer race. So we are even."

The soul says, "Certainly, I will keep it top secret. I do not want to make any problems for a member of my family. Your problem is my problem. I do not want to create more problems for you. I will not tell a single soul about your stupidity-wisdom-light."