Question: Does God ever get nervous?

Sri Chinmoy: God never gets nervous, but He pretends to be nervous so that He can tell His children, "Don’t be afraid of your nervousness-fever. I also have nervousness-fever but I can get rid of it at My sweet Will. If I can get rid of it at My sweet Will, what is wrong with you? You also can get rid of this nervousness-fever at your sweet will."

God never gets nervous because of His implicit oneness with His creation. We are nervous because we have not established our oneness with God’s creation. Oneness is always above competition; oneness is always satisfaction. It is lack of oneness that creates competition, and competition always likes to create nervousness, because each competitor wants to go beyond others. When we want to go beyond something or someone, naturally apprehension starts. But when we feel oneness-song, there can be no competition.

So God never gets nervous, but He demonstrates nervousness, for that is the only way that He can make His children feel that if their Father has the capacity to get rid of nervousness-fever, then the children also have the capacity.