Question: What does God think of the soybean and soymeat?

Sri Chinmoy: God has very special regard for soybeans and soymeat. God is the Supreme Poet. He wanted to think of a word which will rhyme with "soy", and He found immediately the word "toy". God is an eternal Child, so He likes to play with toys.

Then He came to the word "bean". God wanted another word to rhyme with "bean". Immediately He found the word "mean". Then God began to argue with Himself. He said, "I can't be mean. If I become mean, how can I take care of all My children? I have to become large-hearted, wide, vast, absolutely universal, so that I can play with all My creations around the world. I can never be mean. I will always love them and be with them and for them.

Now, soymeat. God says that since He is a strict vegetarian, if He really wants to eat meat, He has to be satisfied by eating vegetarian meat. He says, "While eating eggplant or potato or Italian manicotti, if I think of meat, it is in the thinking world. But while eating vegetable soymeat, if I think of real meat 'chicken or turkey' then thinking is enjoying. Enjoying is all that God needs. So He definitely has a special love and regard for soybeans and soymeat.”