Question: Of all the undivine qualities that I have, there are two that bother and worry me most: impurity and lack of patience that brings bad temper to me. When we come to meditate with you and you look into our souls, do you get a general feeling of impurity or negativity, or do you know exactly if it has been bad temper or impurity?

Sri Chinmoy: I’ll attempt to answer this question from many aspects and levels of consciousness. When I look at you plainly, I’m always five to fifty miles above your consciousness. At that time I can easily feel and tell what your problem is. But when I go fifty miles, fifty thousand miles above your consciousness (then Sri Chinmoy demonstrated this by going into one of his high states of consciousness), at that moment I go beyond duality. I see no impurity, no purity. There is no Asima, no Paramesh, no Saraswati; there is a vast expanse of light. There is only Chinmoy — you are all extensions of my own consciousness.

I am like a tree. I go fifty thousand miles high, but I have my roots here with you and I claim your consciousness as my very own, but you cannot claim my consciousness because you can’t believe that that is your consciousness. What happens is you see only the body, only the form, and you see my eyes move back and forth when I enter into my highest consciousness. There you see the expanse of light is being focused through my eyes.

I am like a big bird that flies very, very high but whose leg is tied at your level. I can soar to my highest Height but still I am connected to you.

When I am there, there is no form. I am formless. I am not this bald Indian. I do not see this imperfection, that imperfection. I see nothing bad; I don’t even see good. It is all Light. Asima, I never see your body, never, never. If I would have looked at your imperfections, I would not have disciples.

I deal only with Infinite consciousness.

Sri Chinmoy, Airport elevation.First published by AUM Press in 1987.

This is the th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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