Question: I have been told that I am in the process of developing psychic powers. Should I continue visiting spiritualistic centres with this point in mind?

Sri Chinmoy: In your case, I wish to tell you frankly that it would be unwise to develop these psychic faculties right now. Why? Because I can see in your eyes that you are a very sincere person. You should not be satisfied with these psychic powers. Your soul wants to go far, farther. There are people who do not have the aspiration to go to the Highest, the Ultimate. They are satisfied with little bits of psychic power and do not want to go further. I might advise some people to develop their psychic faculties. But in your case, if you develop these faculties they will stand in your way, and you will not be able to go further and achieve the ultimate in your life. Now it is you who have to make a choice: whether you want to be satisfied with a piece of candy or you want to wait for the infinite Truth, the infinite Treasure of the Almighty.

If you are endowed with some psychic faculties, you will only try to use these faculties, and you will become enamoured of them. Very often people who get a little bit of psychic capacity, psychic power, become satisfied, and then they try to apply it to this person and that person, in season and out of season. It is like a child who has some fascinating toys and plays with them all the time. He will neglect his studies and remain a fool. If the child is sincere or earnest and gives value to his studies, then he will stop playing and start studying, because he knows that he has to study to become a man of wisdom.

Another danger with these psychic faculties is that they are very often threatened by the spirits. Those who develop the psychic faculties may not be spiritually or occultly strong. The psychic faculties come from the psychic world. They are very subtle, soft, or you can say, delicate. Very often they are threatened by occult powers which are sometimes very fierce, dynamic, arrogant and destructive. The hungry unsatisfied spirits will try to enter into the psychic faculties of the aspirant and take away all the aspiration that he had before he paused in his spiritual journey to develop his psychic powers. But if one makes true spiritual progress, inner progress, without caring for the psychic capacities, one will undoubtedly have all these faculties at the end of his journey, after he has realised God.

You will never be the loser if you do not pay any attention to this psychic capacity, because it will be developed in you automatically when all your centres are opened during your deep meditation. To achieve this meditation, you have to go to a God-realised spiritual Master who can teach you individually and who can also protect you from the attack of the wrong forces.

Right now, to be frank with you, there are already four forces that are constantly attacking you. Please be very careful about these forces. These four forces are already hovering around you. They are not good; they are undivine forces. On the one hand, your psychic faculties are being opened, or are about to open; on the other hand, there are forces, negative forces, which are trying to destroy you. So please go deep within. Cry inwardly for God’s protection and for God’s illumination, and these four forces will leave you. They are bound to leave you.