Question: The fakirs in India who have these powers, do they devote them to the good principles of Yoga or do they use them for business?

Sri Chinmoy: Actually many have deviated from the path of truth. For those who have done this, their psychic power is just like black magic. It does not serve any spiritual purpose. If somebody is sick and God tells you that He wants you to cure that particular person, or if somebody is in imminent danger and God wants you to save that person, you should use your psychic powers. But psychic power should be used only when it is requested or approved by God. Most people who are using these powers in India and other places are not using them in accordance with God’s Will. They are just satisfying their own pride, vanity and ego. They are going against the Law of God. But they are making a terrible mistake, and their punishment will be very serious in their next life.