Question: What is the relationship between automatic writing and mediums?

Sri Chinmoy: Real spirituality does not indulge in automatic writing and things like that. To go to a medium to find out what is happening in Heaven, on earth or in the vital world is not at all spiritual. Spirituality means constant aspiration to be totally unified with God. Spirituality means one’s natural oneness with God. Real spirituality is absolutely normal and natural. So if somebody is interested in automatic writing and such things, you have to try to kindle the flame of aspiration in him. If he is very near and dear to you, he may listen to you. Try to make him see that it is he who has discovered the truth and not you who are unfolding the truth to him or injecting the truth into him. When one feels that one has discovered the truth oneself from within, it becomes normal and natural. This evening during your meditation, kindly try to enter into him and make him feel that it is he who has all of a sudden realised the truth that automatic writing is not really good, but that concentration, meditation and contemplation — which come from aspiration — are truly good. In that way you will be able to bring him to the right path. Please try inwardly and not outwardly.