Question: Is there any significance if a child is born during an eclipse of the sun or the moon?

Sri Chinmoy: An astronomer or an astrologer would be in a better position than I to answer this question. From the spiritual point of view I wish to say that a child born during an eclipse of the sun brings into the world tremendous energy. If this energy is not channelled through spiritual paths early in the child’s life, it can cause a lot of trouble. The child can become unruly and undisciplined and can use this energy for a destructive purpose. If the child is spiritually developed, he can use his boundless energy to climb the heights of spirituality and do the work of God in the world. Then again, if such a child is not spiritually inclined, still his energy may become perfectly balanced through the Grace of God. Then he can also do constructive work in the world.

A child born during a lunar eclipse has a sweet, poised disposition. If he is spiritually inclined he will reach his goal through his sweet and poised personality and his love for the Divine. If the person is not spiritual, there may be a tendency toward sloth and drowsiness, and he may spend his time aloof from everything and inwardly sleeping.