Part II: Spirituality, psychic power, occult power and black magic

Question: What is occultism, and on what plane do the occult forces exist?

Sri Chinmoy: Occultism is a science. Occultism is pure when it is practised in the subtle physical or in the supra-physical planes. Some people call this the astral plane while others call it the vital world. But it is actually in the inner vital that we can see the source of occultism. The occult forces are the forces of our hidden nature. The occult world is the subtle physical, and the vital and supra-physical.

If you consciously and deliberately enter into the vital plane, the first thing that happens is that you are caught by the vital beings. These beings will very often gladly give you some of their occult power to use. For some time they will allow you to make use of their own occult power and then they will try to control you. These beings have countless silly desires, which they try to fulfil through the seeker whom they have entrusted with their occult forces.

If a seeker is true and genuine, and if he enters into the vital planes for spiritual purposes while widening his inner consciousness, there is no danger. This is because the seeker is firm in his aspiration. He wants only the spiritual expansion of his inner and outer nature and does not care for the so-called occult forces. But the seeker who has tampered with the occult world sees that his Goal is a far cry and, at the same time, finds that he has been mercilessly captured by the beings in the vital planes. There he is lost, totally lost. There are many, many seekers who started their spiritual journey with all sincerity, but who were caught on their way by the occult forces, and could not reach their goal.