Divine qualities

"Delight is not satisfaction of the mind, the vital and the body. It is something deeper, higher and purer. Delight needs no outer help for its existence. It is self-existent, self-revealing and self-fulfilling.
— Sri Chinmoy"

We know what we want from the human life. We are crying for the divine life, for oneness with God. There will come a time when we will see that God possesses Peace, Light and Bliss. At that time we will say, "I need these qualities to reach Him. When I have all these good qualities in abundant measure, then my Divinity will come to the fore. At that time I will become one with God." So we try to gain Peace, Light and Bliss so that we can become perfect instruments or images of God, who embodies these qualities. Then we grow into His Divinity. This is one way we can grow into these divine qualities and become one with God.

There is also another way. If we know where the Possessor of these divine qualities is, and if we have free access to Him during our meditation, then we can approach Him and say, "O God, now I am at Your Feet. Please give me what I need. Give me what You feel is best: Peace, Light or Bliss. But please give it to me only if it is Your Will. If it is not Your Will, then don't give me anything. And if You want me to be in hell, then let me be in hell."

We already know the negative qualities or propensities within us: fear, doubt, depression and so on. If fear has entered into us, then we must use our strength to conquer it. If doubt has entered into us, then immediately we must use our divine surrender, which is our soul's power, to overcome it. We always have the antidote inside us, the capacity to fight and overcome negative qualities. But once they enter into us, we often surrender to them. And when we surrender to negative forces and circumstances, we become their victim again and again. Thus it is always better to fight against them with our positive inner capacities. Our positive capacities are confidence, absolute certainty and faith: faith in ourselves, faith in God and faith in our spiritual life. Let us use the positive power that we have in order to challenge and destroy or transform the negative power inside us. When our soul uses its positive power, its spiritual power, it enters into twenty divine qualities at once, and these qualities become like divine flowers offered at the Feet of the Supreme.