Question: What is the relationship between aspiration and will-power?

Sri Chinmoy: Aspiration is usually inside the heart. We can call it the heart’s property; it is the heart’s cry. Will-power is inside the third eye. It is the dynamic reality that wants to conquer and possess everything in a twinkling. Of course, the unhorizoned will-power of the soul may be seen and felt inside the very depths of the aspiring heart. Likewise, tremendous inner pangs and a sense of total frustration can be visible around the third eye at times. Gradually, the essence of these deplorable realities enters into the third eye. At that time, the seeker sees and feels clearly either that his aspiration is passing through the third eye and entering into the outer world or that his aspiration is passing through his crown centre. With the third eye we see the past, present and future. The past may come as total frustration, the present may appear before us as total frustration, the future also may do the same. And from this sense of total frustration at times we develop an inner cry.