Question: Guru, how can we keep the glow that you bring when you come but seems to go when you go?

Sri Chinmoy: Suppose you work in an office. Even while you are writing out the bills or doing correspondence, you can think of your mother or father. Your hand is doing one thing, but your heart is doing something else. The hand and mind are writing down the proper address, the proper name and so on, but the heart is with your near and dear ones.

So here also, even when I am not physically present, you can feel me inside your heart. The child is playing in the living room and the mother is in the kitchen. The child does not have to see his mother all the time, because he feels her presence inside his heart. So, if you can all the time think of me and feel me in the innermost depths of your heart, then easily you can keep the glow that I bring when I am with you in the physical.