Question: Guru, how can I retain my aspiration and help to manifest and serve the Supreme through my music and still not be affected by the people involved in the music business who are concerned only with dollar signs?

Sri Chinmoy: You can transform the nature of those who care more for money than for real music. How? You have to make yourself feel at every moment that your music is not something to excite humanity but something to illumine humanity. If it is excitement, then only the vital is fed. If it is illumination, then the entire being is fed. So, when you think of music, always think of illumination. Take music as something that constantly illumines and not as something that brings money and will make you a multi-millionaire. Always make those people who are money-minded feel that it is illumination that can come from your music and not money-power.
Sri Chinmoy, Aspiration-Tree, Aum Publications, 1976