Question: How does a spiritual seeker involved in a business career, with all the temptations and forces inherent in its environment, transform his career into an expression of aspiration and an offering to the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: To start with, a spiritual seeker involved in a business career should always make sure that his business life is not the same as an ordinary businessman's life. Just because he is a seeker, he has a special goal. His goal is to manifest God's Light through his money-power or material wealth. With his money-power he is not going to compete with other businessmen. What he will do with his money-power is to become a greater and better instrument of the Supreme Pilot for His complete manifestation on earth. Life is temptation, true. But life is also dedication. If dedication-life we experience as our very own, then one day inside the heart of our dedication-life we are bound to discover illumination, which is the only all-fulfilling satisfaction both here on earth and there in Heaven.